Lesson 65

Lesson 65

1. Match the pairs of words.

1. Ukrainian

A) the Declaration

2. to celebrate

B) day

3. to go

C) holidays

4. to pass

D) state

5. independent

E) parliament

6. public

F) the holiday

7. Independence

G) to work

2. Read about the holidays in Ukraine.


On June 16, 1990, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed the Declaration of State Sovereignty. On August 24, 1991, the Ukrainian Parliament proclaimed Ukraine’s independence and the formation of the independent state of Ukraine. It became the act which expressed the will of Ukrainian

people and established the Independent Ukrainian state. This day is celebrated all over Ukraine as the Independence Day. Independence Day is a symbol of the new Ukrainian history. Large public performances, festivals, concerts of popular singers take place in the streets. Big cities usually have military orchestras.

3. Make a library research. Compare and contrast the way and reasons for celebrating Independence Day in Ukraine and any other country. Report your findings to class. Use phrases given below.

1. In… whereas in… .

2. … in comparison to… .

3. >

4. Both… and… .

Lesson 65

4. Read the greetings. Match the holiday in the box and the greeting. Learn one of the greetings.

Lesson 65

1. I love you for telling me the truth

When I didn’t want to hear it,

For having so much courage

And so much patience

And so much love.

2. A time of lace and hearts

And special wishes for those

Who mean so much.


Count your nights by stars,

Not shadows.

Count you days by smiles,

Not tears.

And on any birthday morning

Count your age by friends – not years!

4. “Hearts understand love’s language

Without the need of words.”

5. Look at the calender and say why these dates are important in Ukraine. Tell the class about one of the holidays.

Lesson 65

6. Tell about the way you celebrate your favourite holiday.

Lesson 65

7. Glance at the webcamera. Are people in any country of the world celebrating any holiday at the moment? Prepare a brief report about it.



1. Read and choose the correct sentence.

1. During summer holidays I like ski, skate and sledge.

2. During summer holidays I lie in the sun, bathe in the river or sea and go hiking.

3. During winter holidays I gather mushrooms and berries.

2. Choose the correct item.

1. I… eating a smoked meat now.

A) am b) is c) are

2. He… giving me the krashanka.

A) am b) is c) are

3. She… lifting the candle.

A) am b) is c) are

4. They… cooking uzvar and kutya.

A) am b) is c) are

5. We… buying flowers for our mothers and sweet-hearts.

A) am b) is c) are

3. Write five sentences about your favourite holiday.


1. Match the dates and the holidays.

1. New Year’s Day

A) April or May

2. Christmas

B) October, 14

3. Women’s Day

C) January, 1

4. Easter

D)June, 28

5. Army Day

E) August, 24

6. Independence Day

F) March, 8

7. Constitution Day

G) January, 7

2. Choose the sentences in the Present Continuous.

1. She is making uzvar of pears and apples.

2. Cheese, sausage and s>

3. “… I am not tapping, the willow is tapping. Easter is in a week”.

4. The money collected is used to help dependants.

5. Easter is the feast of Christ Resurrection.

3. Write some sentences to describe, in brief, all public holidays we celebrate in Ukraine.


1. Write down as many words and word combinations as you can under each heading.

New Year’s Day Christmas

Women’s Day Easter

Independence Day Constitution Day

Army Day Remembrance Day

2. Choose the correct item.

1. … you ever… the two-minute silence?

A) Are… observing c) Have… observed

B) Is… observing d) Does… observe

2. … you… the annual Remembrance Day ceremony last year?

A) Do… perform c) Are… performing

B) Did… perform d) Had… performed

3. … large public performances… on Independence Day every year?

A) Do… take place c) Are… taking place

B) Has… taken place d) Had… taken place

4. … they… smoked meat, leaf lard and horseradish now?

A) Do… eat c) Are… eating

B) Have… eaten d) Did… eat

5. … she… kutya with honey, nuts and raisins at present?

A) Does… cook c) Will… cook

B) Is… cooking d) Did… cook

3. Translate the English sentences into Germa/French.

1. There are eight national holidays which are celebrated in Ukraine.

2. We celebrate New Year’s Day on January 1.

3. Ukraine’s independence was proclaimed by the Ukrainian Parliament on August 24, 1991.

4. On the Victory Day the veterans of war are congratulated, honoured and given flowers.

4. Compare and contrast the way of celebrating of any holiday in Ukraine and France/Germany.

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