My Progress in English

Unit One: Family Ties

1.5. My Progress in English

I. Grammar Smart

Match the beginnings to the endings of the tag questions.



1. You get along with your friends,

2. Your family isn’t big,

3. Ann has got two thick braids,

4. You can rely on your parents,

5. Dan isn’t stingy,

6. The child takes my words seriously,

7. Your sister always helps you out,

8. Many Americans are on the move,

A) is it?

B) doesn’t she?

C) don’t you?

D) can’t you?

E) is he?

F) hasn’t he?

G) doesn’t he?

H) aren’t they?

Check if you can:

My Progress in English

II. Word Smart

Insert the prepositions.

1. My friends and I have

much… common.

2. Many Americans are… the move.

3. Don’t judge people… their appearance.

4. I get along… my friends.

5. My lifestyle differs… yours.

6. I can always rely… my family.

7. Thanks… my mum, I became a top pupil.

8. In contrast… you, I like computing. Check if you can:

My Progress in English

III. Function Smart

In the box find the expressions of devotion for the following situations.

1. Nelly has won a competition and now she is a school champion in tennis.

2. My elder brother is so brave! He saved a child when his house was in fire. He wasn’t afraid.

3. My friend Ann is a talented singer. She sings in concerts and is a great success.

4. Our granny is good at baking. She is the best cook I know. Help yourself to her pie.

5. Look at Helen’s new clothes. She looks nice in then.

A) Wow! It’s the tastiest pie I’ve ever had.

B) It is so remarkable! He is the braviest person I know.

C) She is admirable!

Just admirable!

D) I can’t help admiring her voice!

E) How nice! She is the best tennis player I know.

Check if you can:

My Progress in English

IV. Time to Read

Read the story and choose the right answers to the questions.


One day when Ally came from school, she found her family in a state of excitement. They were all laughing and shouting at once:

“Auntie Glad! Lottery! Holiday! Sea!”

“What?” Ally shouted back.

“Be quiet all of you”, cried Mum, her black eyes shining. “Auntie Glad has won two hundred and fifty pounds with her lottery ticket and she’s taking us all to the sea She has already booked a little summer cottage for a fortnight when Dad has a holiday”. <...>

It wasn’t a very long journey, arid the railway station was not far from their cottage. While all the rest of the family were discussing the cottage, Val did not waste time on packing. All he wanted was to get to the sea. He quickly ran across the field, reached the sea and looked at it with delight.

That was what he wanted – water, light, air and space. He stood for a second breathing in the sea wind, then he threw off his shoes and socks and ran on, feeling the wet sand under his feet. The sea was calm. He went into it knee-deep, rolling up his trousers. He put his hand in the water and then licked his fingers to taste the s>

On his way back to the cottage, he met a smiling little man.

“Enjoyed the sea, son?” asked the man. He looked so good-natured and friendly that Val stopped to answer.

“It’s smashing”, he said.

“It’s a nice place”, said the little man. <...>

Soon the family got to know the place very well. The weather was fine and warm, and the children spent nearly all day in the sea. And in a few days everybody became quite brown…

Adapted from “Magnolia Building” by Elizabeth Stuckley

1. Who is taking all this family to the sea?

A) Ally; b) Val; c) Auntie Glad.

2. How much money did the aunt win?

A) 250; b) 350; c) 520.

3. How did the family get to the sea?

A) by bus; b) by train; c) by car.

4. What did Val want to see most of all?

A) the cottage; b) the sea; c) the wood.

5. Who did Val meet on the way to the cottage?

A) his mum; b) Auntie Glad; c) a stranger.

6. What was the weather like at that time?

A) sunny; b) wet; c) cold.

Check if you can:

My Progress in English

V. Time to Listen

Listen to the story “Sam’s Sleepover Party” and correct the errors.

1. Sam’s birthday was on the fifth of December.

2. Sam’s guests saw a video film she had bought.

3. The film was a space tragedy.

4. Sam liked the film because her favourite actress was starring in it.

5. Matt Moon met an American lady scientist.

6. Matt went for a spacewalk in the moon.

Check if you can:

My Progress in English

VI. Time to Write

Design your page for the Family Ties Website. Write about your family ties.

Check if you can:

My Progress in English

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