Lesson 20

Unit 2 FOOD AND DRINKS CLOTHES Lesson 20 1. Look at the pictures and remember the words. 2. Look at […]

May Success Attend You!

Unit Two: On Your Hobby Horse 2.1. May Success Attend You! Word Bank Phrase Bank Communication Box To interview somebody […]

Lesson 18

Unit 2 FOOD AND DRINKS CLOTHES Lesson 18 1. Look at the pictures and remember the words. 2. Name the […]


Unit 1 TIME FOR SCHOOL Lesson 2 ALL ABOUT MY CLASS LISTENING &p; READING 1 Listen about David’s class and […]

Learn to talk about yourself

Lessons 15-20 Learn to talk about yourself Word Box Communication Box Forehead Curl To help about the house naughty To […]

The Place I Live in. My Room

Дорогі друзі! Розпочинається ваш четвертий рік вивчення однієї з найпопулярніших мов світу. За попередні три роки ви навчилися розповідати англійською […]

In the Pet Shop

UNIT 4. THE BEST PET Lesson 4.2 In the Pet Shop 1. What can you see in a pet shop? […]

Let’s Start!

Let’s Start! Talk about your first day at school Word Box Phrase Box Communication Box Grade uniform storyteller to miss […]

Say Hello! to Dragons

UNIT 1. STORY OF A DRAGON Lesson 1.1 Say “Hello!” to Dragons 1. Describe this picture with these words. Dragon […]

Lesson 69

Unit 7 MY SCHOOL Lesson 69 1. Make up five questions using the table. Write them down in your exercise […]

Lesson 4

Unit 8. School Life Lesson 4. 1. Match the words (1-10) with their definitions (a-j). 1. A river A) a […]

Lesson 44

Unit 4 WEATHER. NATURE Lesson 44 Питальна форма Present Perfect Tense (теперішнього доконаного часу) утворюється за загальним правилом: допоміжне дієслово […]

Learn to talk about summer

Unit 1 Me and My Family Lessons 1-2 Learn to talk about summer Word Box Communication Box Summer fun To […]

This Is My Street

PROJECTS Project 2. This Is My Street 1. Make your business card. 2. Write about your street. What would you […]

Final Party

UNIT 11. MISS MOUSE’S GARDEN Lesson 11.4 Final Party 1. Match some words to the picture. Miss Mouse – proud […]

Lesson 22

Unit 2 FOOD AND DRINKS CLOTHES Lesson 22 Personal Pronouns (особові займенники) ‘ Називний відмінок Об’єктний відмінок I We Me […]

What Do Animals Like?

UNIT 2. TAKE CARE OF ANIMALS! Lesson 2.1 What Do Animals Like? 1. Look and say which animal you like […]

Safe Diving

UNIT 12. GOING TO THE SEASIDE Lesson 12.2 Safe Diving 1. Do you know these words? Match the pictures to […]


ENGLISH-UKRAINIAN DICTIONARY A Above /əˈbʌv/ вище According /əˈkɔːdɪŋ/ відповідно до Across /əˈkrɒs/ через Activity /ækˈtɪvɪti/ діяльність Afford /əˈfɔːd/ мати змогу […]


Unit 2 SCHOOL IS COOL! Lesson 2 MY SPORTS VOCABULARY 1 Copy the network below and classify these sports from […]


Unit 5 TIME FOR DISCOVERY Lesson 3 FOCUS ON UKRAINE READING 1 Read the letter below and say if foreign […]

It Was Great!

UNIT 6. CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Lesson 6. 3 It Was Great! 1. Do you know the words? Hard Fun Ice […]