Learn to introduce your international friends

UNIT 1 Me and My Friends

1.2 Learn to introduce your international friends

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– to make a friend

– to become friends

– to do a project

Please, meet… .

Nice to meet you.

Where are you


1. Look and say what international friends you have got in this book.

Learn to introduce your international friends

John/English Lizzy/Scottish Paul/British

Learn to introduce your international friends

Tom/American Polly/Irish

E x a m p l e: I have got an international friend. His name is John. He is English.

2. Listen and repeat. Say where your

international friend lives.


– Are you English?

– No, I’m not. I’m Irish.

– Is he Scottish?

– No, he’s not. He’s American.

– Is she Ukrainian?

– No, she’s not. She’s British.

– Are they your friends?

– Yes, they are. Yes, they are.

/∫/ English, Irish, Scottish, British.

3. Look, match and say.

Learn to introduce your international friends

Britain England Ireland Scotland

E x a m p l e: John is from England. He is English.

4. Listen and role-play.


Ann: Hi, Andrew, have you got a minute?

Andrew: Sure. Why?

Ann: Please, meet my international friend. This is Polly. Polly, this is Andrew, my classmate. Andrew: Nice to meet you, Polly.

Polly: Nice to meet you, Andrew.

Andrew: Where are you from, Polly?

Polly: I’m from Liverpool.

Andrew: Are you English?

Polly: No, I’m not. I’m Irish.

Andrew: Aha!


Where are you from?

– I’m from… .

5. Talk with a friend about your other friends. Use:

Learn to introduce your international friends

On your Own: Draw 2-3 pictures of your international friends from this book and label them.

E x a m p l e: This is my international friend Lizzy. She is from Scotland. She is Scottish.

Learn to introduce your international friends

6. Look and guess what international friends Polly has.

E x a m p l e: I think Polly’s got international friends from… .

Learn to introduce your international friends

7. Read and how British and Ukrainian children can become friends.


I am Polly. I am eight. I have got a lot of friends in England. I like to make international friends. Now it is easy. My school is doing the international project “Connecting Classrooms”. We use the Internet to connect to a Ukrainian classroom.

We can talk and write to Ukrainian children and tell them about our country. We can also learn something interesting together. I like it a lot.

Ann is my best international friend. She is one of the children in that Ukrainian classroom. She is a very smart girl. Sometimes I ask her to help me with my home tasks. She says to me, “Anytime.” I am so glad we know each other.

I want to meet Ann in person, so I plan to visit Ukraine soon.

Learn to introduce your international friends

8. Answer the questions about Polly and her international friends.

1. Where is she from?

2. Has she got any friends?

3. What project is her school doing?

4. They can connect to a Ukrainian school, can’t they?

5. Does Polly want to meet Ann on the Internet or in person?

9. Talk with friends about international friends. Use:

I have got/haven’t got… . I like/don’t like… . I want/ don’t want… .

I can/can’t… . I use/I don’t use… . I plan/don’t plan… .

10. Write a letter to an international friend you want to have.

Use the question plan.

1. Do you want to make an international friend?

2. What country is he/she from?

3. What can you do together?

4. What can you learn together?

5. What can you tell him/her?

6. Is it good to know each other?

Do it Yourself! Make a colourful picture for your letter.

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Learn to introduce your international friends - Англійська мова