Your Real Self

Unit One: Family Ties

1.2. Your Real Self

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box







To have a quick temper

To be responsible for something

To take something seriously

To judge something by something

To let somebody down

To rely on somebody

To be in one’s books

There is something in what you say.

That’s it.

I can’t agree more.

It can’t be otherwise.

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the photos and say what you think about the characters of people in them.

Your Real Self

Example: I think Boris is jolly and lie likes to laugh.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up


and practise the rhythm. Say which of these character traits you have.


– Are you kind or unkind?

– Lazy or hard-working?

– Are you friendly or unfriendly?

– Do you enjoy talking?

– They say I am serious.

– At times I’m cute.

– Very often I’m jolly.

– But I’m never rude.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Look and recall.

Your Real Self

Your Real Self

A) Play a grammar chain game.

Example: A: Are you hard-working?

B: Yes, I’m. Are you jolly?

С: No, I am not. Are you polite?

D: …

B) In pairs, ask “Yes or No” questions about your family members and answer them.

Example: – Is your granny kind?

– Yes, she is.

2. Read and remember.

Use yes/no questions to express surprise.

Begin with: Don’t you like to play computer games? (Хіба тобі не подобається грати в комп’ютер?)


Play a grammar completion game.

Example: … talkative? -> Aren’t you talkative?

B) Match the questions to the answers about the people in the picture and reproduce the mini-dialogues (p. 19).

Your Real Self

Your Real Self

IV. Word Smart

Study the words (p. 16) and speak about:

A) good qualities of a personality. Add more positive words.

Your Real Self

Example: A good person is kind and generous.

B) Negative qualities of a personality and add more negative characteristics.

Your Real Self

Ехamрlе: A stingy person doesn’t like to share.

C) Describe pluses and minuses of your personality. Begin with:

1. They say I am a creative person.

2. And really I can… .

3. From time to time I am… .

4. I can also be… .

5. But I never….

6. I can… .

7. I can’t… .

8. My friends say….

At home: Describe a personality of your friend.

Go to Ex. 9, 10 of your Workbook

V. Time to Listen and Read

1. Listen to / read in pairs and say what conclusion the friends have come to.


Helen: I bet, Ann, white is your favourite colour.

Ann: So it is. And what does it mean, I wonder?

Helen: They say, colours may say much about your personality. For example, you are very neat, responsible and supportive.

Ann: And you, Helen, like clothes in black. What kind of personality are you?

Helen: A black colour speaks of an intelligent and a serious personality. Maybe, this is the reason why I’m always in my books.

Ann: There is something in what you say. You are so clever. But you can’t judge a person only by their favourite colours.

Helen: Right. The proverb goes: “Handsome is that handsome does”.

Ann: That’s it. Your actions – good or bad – will say what you are, can I rely on you or will you let me down.

Helen: I can’t agree more. We’ve been friends with you for many years and I know your real self.

Ann: Me too. And it can’t be otherwise.

Stingy – generous

Talkative – silent

Clever – silly See First Aid Kit, Word meaning, p. 215

2. Say the opposite.

Example: Ann is always silent. → Ann is always talkative.

1. My friend is very kind.

2. The boy is so stingy.

3. The child is impolite.

4. The girl is silly, sometimes.

5. My girl-cousin is very impatient.

6. Your action is wise.

3. Look at different colours and say what personality’s character they speak of.

Example: I think a red colour speaks about a quick tempered personality.

Your Real Self

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Ann or Helen and speak about your personality. Use:

Your Real Self

To be responsible;

Not to let anyone clown;

To take something seriously;

To rely on somebody;

To act well.

2. In pairs, discuss your personalities.

A: I bet… , … colour is your favourite, isn’t it?

B: So it is. What… , I wonder?

A: They say… . For example, you….

B: The world we live in! And you… . What kind of… ?

A: … speaks of… and… . Maybe, this is the reason… .

B: There is something in what you say. You are… and… . But don’t… . You can’t judge a person… .

A: Right. The proverb goes… . Your… , tell us… .

В: I can’t agree more……..

A: Me too. And it… .

3. Speak about the personality of any member of your family.

VII. Time to Write

Describe a personality of a relative, who is special to you, using the “Star technique” (p. 22).

Your Real Self

Go to Ex. 11, 12 of your Workbook

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