Learn to talk about your classroom equipment

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4.3 Learn to talk about your classroom equipment

Word Box

Phrase Box

Communication Box


Web cam


To concentrate


– interactive white board

– data projector

– DVD player

– voice recorder

– to go high-tech

– to get connected

On the one hand, …,

On the other hand, .

It makes sense.

Come and look for yourself!

Look at the pictures and say what equipment you’ve got in your classroom.

An interactive a data projector a laptop

White board

A voice recorder a web cam a DVD player

E x a m p l e: We’ve got a computer and a TV set in our classroom.

Listen and repeat. Say if your classroom is going high tech.



may notice, teacher,

I’m not in school today.

But the voice recorder on my desk

Will pick up each word you say.

Switch on my laptop’s web cam,

When you have something to show,

And if you pass out homework,

Find my e-mail below.

/еі/ today, say, e-mail

/əʊ/ show, below, notice, homework

Look, match and say what you can do with these things in the classroom.

A DVD player/to watch videos;

A laptop/to send e-mails;

A voice recorder/to tell stories;

An interactive white board/to do some work.

E x a m p l e: We can watch videos on a DVD player.

Think and say: What classroom equipment is your favourite and why; What other technology you need for learning; How technology helps you learn.

E x a m p l e: The DVD player is my favourite classroom equipment because I like to watch videos and learn English…

Listen and role-play.


Taras: I say, Oksana, what is your favourite classroom equipment?

Oksana: I think, I like going high-tech.

I spend a lot of time on my laptop doing my tasks or playing educational games. We often use an interactive white board in the lessons. And what equipment do you have in your classroom?

Taras: Unfortunately, not much: a CD player, a DVD player and a TV set.

Oksana: That sounds traditional, doesn’t it? To me, it means listening to stories or songs, watching videos or educational channels. I don’t mind that.

Taras: Neither do I. But isn’t it a bit old-fashioned?!

My dad says he used all those things in his school days as well. I’d like to learn in a new way, that is, using new devices.

Oksana: That makes sense. On the one hand, the world is changing, and on the other, it’s just more fun. For example, take an English lesson: the teacher taps the screen, and we get connected to a classroom in Canada!

Taras: How exciting! I bet you concentrate more and get more out of each lesson.

Oksana: Exactly. Come and look for yourself!


– I Don’t mind watching videos in the lessons.

Neither do I. (= You agree)

Let’s play a grammar trio game.

E x a m p l e: A: Let’s watch a video.

B: Sure, I don’t mind.

C: Neither do I.

Ask and answer questions as in the pattern.

Pattern: to play an educational game

– Do you mind playing and educational game?

– No, I don’t.

To watch an educational channel; To listen to a story; To listen to a song; To get connected to a classroom in Canada; To use new devices; To learn in a new way. Talk with your friend about your classroom equipment. Use:

On your Own: Describe your classroom equipment in 57 sentences.

E x a m p l e: I like going high-tech. We have some new equipment in our classroom. …

Read and say what equipment Mexican classrooms have.


Ping ping, beep beep, tap tap. What are those noises? A new video game? A children’s toy, perhaps? Or even some musical instrument?

Well, in some ways, you are right about all three. In fact, it is the sound of the new high-tech education system. The system is called Encyclomedia. Schools in Mexico have just started to use it in the classrooms. You can hear the sound if you put your finger on the huge electronic screens on the walls.

Some five million 10- and 11-year-olds now get all their education through the screens, from maths to music, from geography to English. It is the biggest project of its kind in the world.

“I really like it,” says one 10-year-old at the John F Kennedy primary school in Mexico City. “It’s fun, and therefore you learn more.”

“It is exciting. The children concentrate more, and so they get more out of each lesson,” the teachers say.

(Adapted from the Internet)

True or False? Mexican children learn in a new way. Encyclomedia is a children’s board game. It is enjoyable to use the system. Teachers like it a lot. Few Mexican schools are using it. Act as a pupil of the John F Kennedy primary school and describe your classroom equipment. Use:

A new high-tech education system;

Huge electronic screens;

To put one’s finger on something;

To learn more;

To concentrate more.

Tell your friends about your idea of a high-tech classroom. Use:

I think, I like… . It is… . There is… in my classroom. …is the newest device. We can… . It helps… . It is fun, and therefore…

Write an e-mail to the children of the John F Kennedy primary school in Mexico City asking for more information about their classroom equipment. Begin with:

Dear… ,

I have just read about…

I’m also sending you a photo of my classroom.

Best wishes, … .

Do it Yourself! Draw (take a photo) of a modern class – room and describe it.

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