Holiday Foods

Unit Six: Help Yourself to…

6.4. Holiday Foods

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box

Sponge cake






To make a cake

To count on somebody

To do somebody a favour

What does… taste?

What does… smell?

Help yourself to… .

May I treat you to… ?

Yummy! It tastes delicious. It smells good.

I. Conversation Warm-up.

Look at the pictures and say what holiday a Ukrainian family is going to celebrate. Why?

Holiday Foods

Example: They are going to celebrate Christmas because there are twelve dishes on the table.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up.

Listen and practise the sound /еі/. Say how you mark

birthdays in your family.


– Do you have a sister?

– Her name is May. Today is her birthday.

– Are you making a cake?

– I’m making a big one with lots of fruits.

– It will be delicious. Isn’t it good?

III. Function Smart.

Read and learn how to talk about tastes and smells of food.



– What does… taste?

– Yummy! It tastes delicious and sweet.

Fried chicken


– What does… smell?

– It smells appetizing!



– Help yourself to… . Do you like it?

– Oh, it smells good but it tastes bland.



– May I treat you to… ?

– Thank you. How nice they smell!

IV. Word Smart

1) In

groups, talk about what your favourite food smells and tastes. Begin with:

If you ask me, I like… .

… is my favourite dish.

It smells….

Besides, it tastes… .

At the sight of it I……..

2) In pairs, discuss your food choices as in the pattern.

– How do you like chips with… and… ? You can take either.

– They taste… for me. I prefer… .

– And I like Lucy’s apple pies. They smell… and taste… .

– Agreed. Lucy is… .

At home: Describe tastes in food in your family.

Go to Ex. 97, 98 of your Workbook

V. Time to Listen and Read

1) Listen to / read in pairs and say if Ann can count on her friend.


Ann: Hi, Steve, Ann is speaking. Tomorrow is Helen’s birthday. Has she invited you to her birthday party?

Steve: As a matter of fact, she has. Why do you ask?

Ann: I’m coming to her birthday party, too, and I need your help.

Steve: You can count on me. What can I do for you?

Ann: I’m making a birthday cake for Helen. It’s her favourite sponge cake, with custard and a lot of fruits.

Steve: Wow! I bet, it will taste absolutely delicious!

Ann: I hope so. At least it smells appetizing.

Steve: I can’t wait to try it!

Ann: Wait, wait, Steve. I’m calling to ask if you could do me a favour and come to my place tomorrow before the party and… Steve: Let me guess – and help you to carry the cake to Helen’s, right?

Ann: Exactly.

Steve: Don’t worry, I will.

Ann: Thanks a lot. See you soon.

Favour – favourite

See First Aid Kit, Word-building, p. 214

Across Culture: Great Britain

Holiday Foods

Custard – заварний крем, традиційний англійський десерт.

2) Fill in favour or favourite.

1. Could you do me a… ?

2. It’s Helen’s… sponge cake.

3. Can I ask you a… ?

4. Ca we have strawberries? They are my… .

5. What’s your… colour?

Holiday Foods

3) Look at the pictures and say what the children did not talk about.

VI. Time to Communicate.

1) Act as Ann or Steve and describe the preparations for your friend’s birthday party.

Holiday Foods

– to invite to a party;

– to ask for help;

– to count on somebody;

– to do somebody a favour;

– to carry something to somebody’s place.

2) In pairs, complete the dialogue between two friends at a birthday party.

A: Help yourself to some lemon cake.

B: …

A: What does it smell?

B: …

A: What does it taste?

B: …

A: Bon appetite!

3) In pairs, read the birthday party menu and discuss your tastes.


1. fruit salad

2. apple pies

3. pizza

4. chips with bacon

5. chocolates

6. Coca-Cola

VII. Time to Listen

1) Listen to the joke and say what the boy is suffering from.

2) Listen again and role-play the joke.

VIII. Time to Write

Look at the picture and write a thank-you note after your friend’s birthday party. Use the format below.

Dear… .

Thank you so much for… . The party was.. tasted like….

Your mum is the world’s….


… .

Go to Ex. 99, 100 of your Workbook:

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