Time For Fun

Unit 4 Appearance

Time For Fun

1. Listen and read.

Time For Fun

Here comes the But where is Ma? Over here! snow.

Time For Fun

And where is Down here. What about Mabel

Tommy? and Pa?

Time For Fun

Over there What is there? A path in the snow.

By the tree.

Time For Fun

Now they come Look at what they did*!


* Did – зробили.

2. Read the questionnaire. Choose and say.

Are You a Party Person?

1. Do you like parties?

A Yes, they are wonderful.

B They are OK.

C No, I don’t like them.

2. Who do you talk to at the party?

A One or two friends.

B Everybody.

C N obod y.

3. When the music starts, do you dance?

A Yes, with a friend.

B No, I sit down.

C Yes, with different people.

4. When children play party games, what do you do? A I go home.

B I watch the games.

C I play the games.

3. Say. What is your score?

1. A = 3 B = 2 C = 1

2. A = 2 B = 3 C = 1

3. A = 2 B = 1 C = 3

4. A = 1 B = 2 C = 3


10-12: You love parties. You are a real party person! 7-9: You quite like parties.

4-6: You don’t like parties!

4. Ask your friend. Use the questions in Exercise 2.

Say the result.

5. Write your answers to the questions of Exercise 2.

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