Learn to talk about British sports

UNIT 2 Free Time and Sports
2.5 Learn to talk about British sports

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Horse riding

Car racing


– to play rugby

– to win the competition

– to become a champion

It depends.


1. Look and say what sports British children like.

Learn to talk about British sports

Tennis football rugby

Learn to talk about British sports

Horse riding car racing roller skating

E x a m p l e: British children like to play tennis.

2. Listen and repeat. Say what you favourite pet is.


Henry had a little hobby horse,

It was well shod.

It carried him to London Niddetly nod.

/ɒ/ hobby, shod, nod

/h/ Henry, had, hobby,

horse, him

3. Look, match and say what sports these British children can do.

Learn to talk about British sports

E x a m p l e: This British boy can play rugby.

4. Read and role-play.


Taras: Hey, Henry, what sports do British children like to play?

Henry: It depends. Boys like to play football or rugby.

Many girls are fond of tennis and roller skating.

Taras: They say horse riding is popular in Britain, right?

Henry: So it is, but it is more popular with parents.

Some children have ponies and they like to ride them.

Taras: I see. And what sport are you good at?

Henry: Personally, I enjoy car racing. Last summer my car was the fastest. I won the race and became the school champion.

Taras: Congratulations!

Henry: Thank you.


Horse riding is More popular with parents.

5. Talk with a friend about British sports. Use:

Learn to talk about British sports

On your Own: Find a picture of British sports and write 3-5 sentences about it.


x a m p l e: Tennis is a British sport. It is popular with boys and girls. Children play tennis at school.

6. Look and guess what British sport Taras wanted to know more about.

Learn to talk about British sports

E x a m p l e: I think Taras wanted to know more about…

7. Read and say what sport Henry’s brother is good at.

Dear Taras,

I am glad to hear that children in Ukraine like to do British sports – tennis and football. It is really great that we like the same sports.

You asked me about rugby. It is also a British sport. Rugby is more popular with boys. Usually 16 players play with an oval ball. They can play not only with their feet, like in football but they can also use their hands. My elder brother John is the captain of his school rugby team. I am happy to tell you that John’s rugby team is our city champion. Every year they win a rugby competition. John and his friends are good athletes. They are real sport heroes in our city. Please, write about Ukrainian sports and athletes.



8. True or False?

1. Children in Britain and Ukraine like tennis and football.

2. Taras knows a lot about rugby.

3. Rugby players use only their hands.

4. Henry’s younger brother John can play rugby well.

5. John and his friends are the winners of the city rugby competition.

9. Talk with friends about British sports.

Children in Britain… . Boys usually… . As for girls, … . They can… . Children often… . They like… .

10. Write about British sports that are popular in Ukraine in your diary. Begin with:

Dear Diary,

Children in Britain and Ukraine like sports…

I want to learn to play… .

Do it Yourself! Make a picture page about British sports for your diary.

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