Learn to talk about your best friend

UNIT 1 Me and My Friends

1.5 Learn to talk about your best friend

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To share lamb

Childhood everywhere to hopscotch

– to live nearby

– to have good manners

– to be friends with somebody

– to miss somebody a lot

– to have a fight

By the way, … .

I know, I know!

Look and say if these children were best friends in the childhood.

E x a m p l e: The boys were not best friends. They didn’t want to share.

Listen and repeat. Say what pet you have.


Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was white as snow;

And everywhere that Mary went

The lamb was sure to go.

It went with her to school one day,

That was against the rule;


made the children laugh and play

To see a lamb at school.

/ӕ/ had, lamb, and, that

/әʊ/ snow, go, know

To live nearby;

To have good manners;

To have a fight;

To miss somebody a lot;

To be friends with somebody.

E x a m p l e: My friend lives nearby.

Listen and role-play.


Peter: Hey, Mary, who was your best friend in your childhood?

Mary: It was Nick. He lived nearby, and we often played together.

Peter: How old was he? What did he look like? Was he a good boy?

Mary: Nick was six then. He was a very nice boy, with blue eyes and wavy fair hair. By the way, he had very good manners.

Peter: Good for him. Are you still friends with Nick?

Mary: Yes, but he is in America now. I miss him a lot. So we often write letters to each other. But now my best friend is a little lamb.

Peter: I know, I know! It went with you to school one day. Ha-ha!


Nick was Mary’s best friend in her childhood.

Nick and Mary were very good friends then.



You/we/they were

Talk with a friend about your best childhood friend.

On your Own: Take a photo of your childhood friend and write 3-5 sentences about him I her.

E x a m p l e: Helen was my best friend in my childhood. She lived nearby and we often played together. She was five. She was a very nice girl, with grey eyes and dark hair. By the way, she had very good manners.

Look and guess what games American children can play with their friends (p. 27-28).

E x a m p l e: I think American children can play… with their friends.

Read and say who Nick’s friends are.


Dear Mary:

I am happy to hear from you and to learn that you are doing all right.

You wrote about your little lamb. What a funny story! So the lamb goes everywhere you go! Ha-ha! It even went with you to school one day! Now you say it is your best friend.

I can say that you are still my best friend. I miss you so much! We were such great friends in childhood. You were five and I was six then. You were a pretty little girl, with brown eyes and long dark hair. We often played together. By the way, you had very good manners.

I have a good friend in America, too. His name is Sam. He is my schoolmate. He is a kind and jolly boy, with big brown eyes and curly black hair. Sam and I like to play baseball*. Frankly speaking, I learnt to play this game from him. He knows about our friendship and says hello to you. Please write to me soon.



* baseball – американська спортивна гра бейсбол.


He says hello to you.

Read and choose. Nick thinks that Mary’s story is… . A) sad; b) strange; c) funny. Nick’s best friend now is… . A) Sam; b) Mary; c) the lamb. … is not in America now. A) Mary; b) Nick; c) Sam. Nick and Sam are fond of… . A) boxing; b) basketball; c) baseball. Sam… Mary. A) plays with; b) greets; c) says goodbye to. Talk with friends about your childhood friends. Use:

I can say that… . I miss… . We were such… . She/he was. . We often played. . By the way, . .

Write a letter to your childhood friend. Begin with:


I am happy to hear… .

Yours, … .

Do it Yourself! Make a front page for your letter.

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