Lesson 9


Lesson 9

Lesson 9

1. Look at the picture and remember the words.

Lesson 9

2. Match the pairs of words.

Lesson 9

3. Complete the sentences with the words from exercise 1.

1. Your mothers father is your… . 2 Your mother s son is your… .3. Your father’s brother is your… 4 Your fathers mother is your… 5. Your parents daughter is your… .6. Your father s sister s children are your… .7. Your uncle s son is your. 8. Your cousin s son is your… 9. Your father is your mother s…. 10. Your aunt is your uncle’s…

4. Say which words and word combinations given below you will use to talk about your family and relatives?

Wife, happy, cousin, the dearest people, argue, husband, love each other, aunt, uncle, do anything for each other, be angree with each other share everything niece, can rely on each other, nephew, tell each other everything, support, envy, feel secure, deal with life better, sister, brother

5. Work in pairs. Interview your classmate. Use the questions from the table and add your own questions.





Your parents

Your relatives

Your uncle

Your aunt

Love each other?

Share everything with you?

Rely on each other?

Be angry with each other?

Support you?

Deal with life well?

Feel secure and confident?

Do anything for each other?

Tell about vour classmate’s parents and relat ives.

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Lesson 9 - Англійська мова