Lesson 10

Lesson 10

Look at the picture and read about Ann’s relatives. Then answer the questions.

My name is Ann. I am happy because I have got a big family. I have got a sister Kate and a brother Sam. I have got two cousins. They are Susan and Bob. I have got a lovely and cute nephew and Susan s husband Tom. I have got an aunt Polly and an uncle Dan. I have got grandparents And. of course, I have got the dearest people, my parents.

I am lucky to have got all of them. We are very close, we love each other very much and we would do anything for each other and that’s the way it should be It’s a good feeling. We share everything and we tell each other everything. I think it is important to have got a family that you can rely on and who will support you. I think a person who has got a strong family behind him/her is more secure and can deal with life better

Lesson 10

1. Whу

Ann is happy?

2. How many cousins has Ann got?

3. Has she got a niece?

4. Has she got the dearest people? Who are they?

5. It is important to have got people you can rely on, isn’t it?

2. Agree or disagree м in the model.

Model Bob is Ann s brother – Wrong. He is her cousin.

Susan is Ann’s cousin. – Right. She is her cousin.

1. Sam is Ann’s unde

2. Dan is Ann’s brother

3. Polly is Ann’s aunt.

4. Bob is Ann’s nephew

5. Kate is Ann’s sister

3. Write German/French equivalents to English words and word combinations. Make up three sentences with them.

Unde, aunt, nephew, niece, husband, wife, family.

4. Find, read and write down the words.

Lesson 10

5. Read about Ann’s relatives again. Say why Ann is lucky to have got a big family.

6. Complete the sentences with the prepositions of place from the box.

From to under in on at onto above over below across through

1. We’II meet you… the

bus stop. 2 We stopped… York during our trip. 3. The money was… the box… the desk… my office. 4. I left the keys… the table. 5. It s just a small town the river Avon. 6. She smiled… me. 7. There’s a full moon… the mountain. 8. Most of New Orleans is… sea level. 9. The puppy likes to hide… the sofa. 10. I can walk… my flat work. 11 Let’s move the small book… the shelf. 12. Pour some water… my cup. 13. We spent a month travelling… America. 14. You have to go… the kitchen to get… the bathroom.

7. Look at the picture in exercise 1 and tell about Ann’s relatives.

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Lesson 10 - Англійська мова