Lesson 74

Lesson 74

The Past Continuous Tense

Утворення:was/were + ing

Допоміжні дієслова: was, were

1. Make the sentences negative.

1. I was getting 15 minutes to a multistorey building. 2. I was walking to the crossroads half an hour. 3. My mother was cooking breakfast. 4. He was telling me the way to the concert hall. 5. We were admiring the beauty of the Dnipro.

2. Make the sentences interrogative.

1. We were attending smart shops at that moment. 2. Ann was answering the questions. 3. The teacher was explaining what to do. 4. We were making up dialogues. 5. The pupils were writing the words into their vocabularies. 6. I was jumping at that time.

3. Look, read and compare.

5 o’clock now

5 o’clock yesterday

I am translating sentences from Ukrainian into English.

I was watching


My father is sitting on the sofa and reading a book.

My father was swimming in the river.

My mother is cooking supper.

My mother was trying on a new sweater and jeans in the fitting room.

My sister is taking in her flowered blouse.

My sister was buying a blanket, duvet, and sheet for her bed.

Our cat is sleeping on the washing machine in the bathroom.

Our cat was sitting in the basin.

My grandparents are working in the garden now.

My grandparents were visiting their friends.

My friend is listening to music.

My friend was doing his homework.

4. Write eight sentences: four – about what the members of your family are doing now, and four – about what they were doing at that time yesterday.

5. Ask your teacher.

1. if he/she was eating ham sandwiches yesterday afternoon; 2. with whom he/she

was having breakfast on Sunday; 3. if he/she is ordering pork chops now; 4. where he/she usually orders pork chops; 5. if he/she likes eggs; 6. what he/ she was drinking for supper on Monday; 7. what he/she usually has for dinner for the first and main courses; 8. who was cooking a cake for his/her birthday party; 9. what he/she was eating with roast beef: onion, garlic or cucumber.

6. Report about your teacher.

7. Read the text. Copy out the sentences which describe what the boy does to brush up his English.

Well, vocabulary for me is the most important thing. To be fluent you need vocabulary. I always listen to music or watch TV or listen to the radio and then when I hear some words I keep them in mind, and then one day after, or two, I still remember this word – I can’t remember from where, but I still have it in my mind, then I start looking in the dictionary or something like this. It’s not just studying the vocabulary that the teacher gives me in class that I learn it. I learn it, as I told you, from music and television. Listening improve your English. The most important thing is to have a new vocabulary because at the beginning you use always the same verbs and the same words.

I think if you are speaking with somebody – a friend or whatever, it’s really important to be trying all the time to improve your English, not just to be fluent. I always pay attention to my pronunciation. If I am talking to somebody, when I finish it I start thinking about what I said and trying to correct myself, even if I had made mistakes. I think it’s very important to try to use correct words, correct verbs and pronunciation.

I really like to be corrected all the time, not just when I write but when I speak. If I am chatting with someone, I like when people correct me.

8. Write and then report to your class about the ways you improve your English.

Lesson 74

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Lesson 74 - Англійська мова