Lesson 31

Lesson 31

1. Listen, read and remember the words and word combinations.

To go in for


To like



To love



To hate



To stand



I can’t stand itl

Терпіти цього не можу!

It’s all right.


I don’t mind it.

Не маю нічого проти.

Not very much.

Не дуже.


at all

Анітрохи, аніяк






Уболівальник; прихильник



Прибічник, прихильник

2. Say what you like doing, what you don’t mind doing and what you can’t stand doing.

Model: I love taking photographs because it is interesting. I don’t mind cinema, but sometimes the films are terrible I can’t stand fishing because it is boring.

3. a) In your exercise book evaluate each activity:

1. the sports and pastimes you participate in, are interested in, or watch (✓);

2. the ones that other members of your family take an interest in (+);

3. the games and pastimes you dislike or disapprove of (x);

4. the ones you might take up or get interested in one

day (?).

Lesson 31

B) Underline your favourite activity in each category and add any which are missing.

C) Work in groups. Compare your lists. Present the information to class.

4. Write German/French equivalents to English words and word combinations. Make up three sentences with them.

Football, jogging, field and track athletics, gardening, crossword puzzles.

5. Work in pairs. Act out the dialogue and make up a similar one.

A: What do you like to do in your free time?

В: I love cycling and badminton. What about you?

A: I love taking photographs and doing crossword puzzles. Do you like playing chess?

В: I don’t mind it. How about football?

A: Oh, I can’t stand it. Ifs too boring for me.

Lesson 31

6. Turn the sentences into the Past Simple.

1. The sky is grey.

2. I sunbathe in summer.

3. My cousin goes to the forest.

4. We play games at the English lessons.

5. Max visits his relatives.

6. His parents gathered mushrooms and berries in the forest.

7. People spend summer at the seaside.

8. Sam buys books every month.

9. Children swim in the sea.

10. Her classmates go to the zoo.

7. Correct the sentences.

1. I meet my friend yesterday.

2. Did they went to school yesterday?

3. We go to the cinema last Saturday.

4. Do you played chess yesterday?

5. Did she works today?

6. They do not danced at the party last night.

7. What do you do yesterday?

8. I collect stamps when I was five.

8. Glance at the webcamera. Are there any sport competitions somewhere in the world? Prepare a brief report about it.

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Lesson 31 - Англійська мова