1 a) Read the names of the countries and find them on the map.








































b) Listen and repeat the nationalities.

2 Say which of the words are the names of the countries. Write out the names of the nationalities.


3 Name the countries where people speak these languages:

French, English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian Write as in the example:


4 Read and find out what languages the children study at school. Ask and answer about it in pairs.

A: What foreign language does Ivan study at school?

B: He studies English.

Ivan studies a)… at school.

Tom studies b)… at school.

Oksana studies a)… and b)… at school.

Gustav studies c) … and a) …

at school.

Bill studies k)… .

Jack studies h)… .


Robert studies і) … .

Gregory studies a)… .

Arturo studies b)… and a) … .

Mary studies c)… .

Yoko studies j)… .



1 a) Look at the pictures and say which one you can call the symbol of:

– France

– The USA

– Ukraine

– Great Britain

– Russia

– Australia


Sydney Opera House


Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Monument


Big Ben


Eiffel Tower


Statue of Liberty


St Basil Cathedral

B) Name the cities where these buildings or monuments are.

2 a) Before reading, answer the questions to find out how much you know about London.

1 Where does the British Queen live in London?

2 What is the Queen’s favourite summer home?

3 Which is the oldest royal residence – home of kings and queens?

4 Which is the most famous bridge?

5 What is the largest square?

6 What’s the most popular park?

7 What’s the biggest museum called?

8 What’s the name of the most famous bell?

9 What’s the largest church called?

10 What’s the largest castle in the world still lived in?

– b) Listen and read the text. Find the answers.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom. It’s in England. It’s one of the most famous cities in the world. More than 7 million people live there and more than 20 million tourists visit it every year. It’s famous for its beautiful historical monuments, museums, galleries, theatres, shops, etc.

The UK is a monarchy which means that it has a queen or king. Elizabeth II is the queen. The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.

The Houses of Parliament are the centre of the British government. The famous Clock Tower with even more famous bell called Big Ben is part of them.




Trafalgar Square is the main square of Central London. It’s popular with tourists who come here to relax after visiting the National Gallery. There are two fountains in the Square. At the bottom of Admiral Nelson’s Column stand four lions.

The most famous park in London is Hyde Park with its Speaker’s Corner where at weekends anyone can speak about anything.

The Tower of London is probably the most famous tower in the world. It has a very interesting past. It was a royal palace and a prison. Today it’s a museum. You can see the Crown Jewels there.

The Queen’s favourite summer home is Windsor Castle. It’s outside London. When the Queen is at home, the flag flies from the Round Castle.

Tower Bridge opens for the big ships to pass.

St Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest church in London. But the most famous is probably Westminster Abbey where kings and queens are crowned, married and buried1. There are tombs2 of many famous people in it.

The British Museum is famous for its collection of works of art from Egypt, Greece and ancient Rome. It also has many other masterpieces3.

1to be buried – бути похованим

2a tomb – труна

3a masterpiece – шедевр

3 Read the tetter and write out the names of sights you can see in each country.


4 Choose a), b) or c) to complete the sentences.

1 Cairo is the capital of… .

A) Spain b) Mexico c) Egypt

2 The largest city in Africa is… .

A) Alexandria b) Cairo c) Pretoria

3 They speak… in Egypt.

A) Arabic b) Spanish c) English

4 There is…….. to the east of Egypt.

A) the Mediterranean Sea b) the Red Sea c) the Black Sea

5 The largest city of the world is… .

A) Madrid b) Cairo c) Mexico City

6 Mexico is……….

A) in the south of South America

B) in the north of North America

C) in the south of North America

7 Tourist go to Mexico City to see.

A) the Sphinx

B) The City of the Gods

C) the Pyramids


5 You are going to send some photos with sights of Kyiv to kids. world. com. Match these photos with their captions on page 166.



□ 1 You can come upon the Golden Gates, that were built in the 11th century. The Golden Gates were the main entrance to the capital which was built on Yaroslav the Wise’s order. The monument to Prince Yaroslav the Wise is nearby.

□ 2 It’s famous St Sophia Cathedral with its golden domes. They shine in the bright sun. The wonderful frescoes in the Cathedral will amaze you.

□ 3 This monument is in Mykhailivska Square. It is a monument to Princess Olga. On the left and right of the princess there are figures of the apostle Andrew the Apostle and Saints Cyril and Methodius, founders of the Cyrillic script.

□ 4 Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, one of the best-known monasteries, was founded in 1051 by the Reverends1 Anthony and Theodosius.

It is an architectural complex with several churches and a bell tower. Many saints are lying in the Caves. Visiting the Caves is the main aim for pilgrims who come here.

□ 5 One of the best-known work of art is the Building with Chimeras. Its architect, Vladislav Gorodetski had an assistant Elio Sala, the author of animal sculptures, real and fantastic.

There are six stories you can see on the unusual building.

□ 6 The centre of the old prince’s town was situated near the present-day National Museum of the History of Ukraine. Its collection will be of interest to Kyiv’s guests.

□ 7 Mariinsky Palace was created by B. Rastrelli. It was built from 1744 to 1752. It took its name in honour ofEmpress Maria who cared for its restoration after the damage2 by fire.

□ 8 In Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) you can see the glass amphitheatre of the underground constructions and the leisure centre ‘Globe’, the Monument to Nezalezhna Ukraina (Independent Ukraine) on the high column, as well as many other buildings. Maidan is one of the most favourite places of meetings in Kyiv.

1the Reverends – преподобні

2a damage – руйнування, пошкодження

6 Work in pairs. Speak about the city you would like to visit one day. Take turns.

– Where is the city?

– What is the population?

– Are there any historical monuments (castles, cathedrals, and towers) there?

– What are the main places of interest there?

– What is your favourite sight?


1 Ask and answer in pairs.

– Who can give you some information about the places of interest?

– Have you ever been on a sightseeing tour?

– Have you ever looked at the leaflets with the information for tourists?

– What kind of information can you read in a leaflet?

2 Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions below.

1 Who is talking? Where are they?

2 What has the man already seen in London?

3 What did he look at?

4 What place of interest did he choose?

5 Has he ever travelled on a double-decker?

6 Are there any double – deckers in London’s streets nowadays?

7 What will the man start with? Why?


3 a) Match each text with its leaflet.


□ The Tower of London is on the River Thames next to the Tower Bridge. You can visit a place, see the Crown Jewels and a real Yeoman Warder! Open every day

□ London Zoo, Regent’s Park, London. Open every day Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 a. m. 6 p. m. Sunday 10 a. m. 6 p. m.

□ Sightseeing Tours by London Taxi: Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and others. See all the main sights with stops to take a photo. Black Taxi Tours telephone: 01712894371.

□ Madame Tussaud’s.

Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LR. Come and find out who’s in and who’s out. Life-size wax figures of famous people. Madam Tussaud’s is open from 10 a. m. to 5.30 p. m. every day. 7 Durweston Street.

B) In pairs discuss what place to see.

4 a) Listen and say what cities the girl has visited.


Nano is a computer hero.

He knows everything about our world.

He can show you all the continents, oceans, seas, mountains, lakes and rivers.


Nano: What’s your wish, little girl?

Pam: Can you take me to three big cities today, Nano? Nano: Your wish is my command. Just press this button.

(Click! Zoom!)

Pam: Wow, what’s this?

Nano: This is London and that is Trafalgar Square. It is the most famous square in London. There are four black lions there, Nelson’s column and two fountains.

Pam: I’d like to see Tower Bridge, the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament. (Whoosh!)

Pam: Fantastic! I love London. And now take me to New York, please.

Nano: This is New York. And that’s the Empire State Building. It’s got a hundred and two floors.

(Click! Swish!)

Nano: This is Sydney. And that big white sailing boat is the Opera House.

Pam: It’s the most unusual building I have ever seen!

Nano: And now young lady, it’s time to go home.

Pam: Thank you,

Nano: You’re a real friend.


B) Answer the questions.

1 What would Pam like to visit?

2 What is the most famous square in London?

3 What river can you see in London?

4 What building in New York has got a hundred and two floors?

5 Where is the most interesting opera house in the world?

6 Who is a real friend?


5 Write down the names of some cities and the monuments (places of interest) that make them famous. Work with a partner.

6 Listen and learn the poem.


Now mix me a colour that nobody knows, And paint me a country where nobody goes, And put in it people a little like you, Watching a strange country is always new. (from “The Paint Box” by E. V. Rieu)




Означений артикль THE вживайте перед іменниками, що означають:

1 єдині свого роду предмети та явища: the sun, the earth, the sky

2 певні географічні назви:

– моря (seas): the Mediterranean Sea

– річки (rivers): the Amazon

– гори (mountains): the Alps

– півострови (peninsulas): the Crimea

– острови та групи островів (islands): the British Isles, the Philippines

– пустелі (deserts): the Sahara

– визначні споруди або місця: the Acropolis, the National Gallery

– цілу національність, цілу сім’ю: the Germans, the French, the Smiths, the Browns

Артикль THE не вживається із:

1 іменами людей та назвами міст, вулиць.

George is from Leeds. Linda lives in Green Street.

2 назвами країн та континентів:

Spain, England, Africa, America

Але: the USA the United Kingdom the Republic of Congo

Read § 3, 4, pages 197-198


1 Brush up the use of articles. Fill in the sentences with the article ‘a’ or ‘the’. Explain your choice.

1 I saw… Moon last night.

2 I saw… star last night.

3 … British Isles are washed by… English Channel on… south-east.

4 … Nile is… river.

5 … parrot is… bird.

6 Which ocean is bigger – … Pacific or… Atlantic?

7 … film we saw yesterday was… comedy.

8 … Robinsons live in… small flat.

2 Fill in the sentences with ‘the’ where necessary.


1 … Sphinx is in… Egypt.

2 … Chicago River flows south towards… Gulf of… Mexico.

3 … Regent Street is a street in the West End of… London. It runs between… Oxford Circus and… Piccadilly Circus.

4 … National Gallery faces… Trafalgar Square.

5 … Canary Islands are popular with British people for a holiday at… seaside.

6 … Volga flows from… Valdai Hills to… Caspian Sea.

7 Where are… British Isles?


1 … Margaret lives in… Vienna. It is in… Austria.

2 You can find beautiful collections in… Tate Gallery.

3 We get tea mostly from… China and Ceylon.

4 … Danube rises in… Germany and flows through… Vienna in… Austria, … Budapest in… Hungary, and through… Romania and… Moldova, and finally into… Black Sea.

5 They brought the potato to… Europe from… America.

6 … Mary speaks… English very well.


3 Use the article ‘the’ where it’s necessary.


1 … Statue of Liberty was a gift from… France to… United States.

2 … Donald and… Sarah went to school yesterday

3 On our trip to… USA we crossed… Atlantic Ocean.

4 … Nickolas is the youngest son of… Browns.

5 He lived in… South-East, then he moved to… North.

6 Some seas have names of colours: … Black Sea, … Red Sea, … Yellow Sea.

7 … Fleet Street in London took its name from… Fleet River, which till 1765 ran into…Thames.

8 His ship nearly sank in… Pacific.


1 The article tells about the events in… Asia and in… Africa.

2 My uncle has been to… Latin America.

3 … Asia is between… Black Sea and… Mediterranean Sea.

4 … Mount Blanc is the highest peak of… Alps.

5 … Aladdin was a lazy boy.

6 In one of the cities of… China there lived… Mustapha.

7 This man is… English.

8 Thousands of people go to… Crimea in summer.

9 What is the capital of… Canada?

10 … Pamirs, which are called… “Roof of… world”, are in… Asia.


1 Ask and answer in pairs.

1 Do you like imaginary travelling to some places?

2 What places would you like to travel?

3 Who do you travel with?

4 How do you travel? Do you take a map and a compass or do you just imagine things?

5 Is it more interesting to travel when you have a map and a compass?

6 What can you learn when you imagine that you are travelling?


2 Listen and act out a dialogue.

Lilly: Good afternoon, boys and girls! Welcome to our quiz “Who knows Geography the best?”

John: Can you say what the smallest country in the world is? Lilly: The clues are: a) Luxembourg;

B) The Vatican City; c) Andorra.

Jack: Luxembourg.

Lilly: Not correct.

Sally: The Vatican City.


John: Yes, it is! It’s Vatican City – the smallest country in the world!

Lilly: Question number two: what is the biggest city in the world?

John: The clues are: a) New York; b) Mexico City; c) Tokyo.

Tom: Is it New York?

John: No, it isn’t.

Sally: Is it Mexico City?

Lilly: Yes, you are right! Mexico City is the largest city in the world.

John: And now…

3 Role-play the situation in a group of 4-5.

You classmate has visited London. Interview him / her about his / her trip. Make questions.

What airport did you arrive? What means of transport did you use in the city?

How long…?




When did you come back? How did you feel about it?


4 Work in a group of four. Find the information about London. Role-play your quiz game.

Pupil A, you are the London Quizmaster.

Pupils В, C, D, you are the members of the game. Use the questions like these:

– How old is the Tower of London?

– How long is the River Thames?

– What’s this? (Show a photo of a London’s sight.)

– How high is Big Ben?


5 Read the situation and act out the dialogue in pairs.

Mrs Babbage comes from England.

She’d like to know more about Kyiv the capital of Ukraine.

She asks the travel agent to give her some information as to the tour around Kyiv.

Mrs Babbage: What historical places are we going to see in Kyiv? Agent: We can show you the most important places of interest. They are Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Go/den Gates, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, monuments to Prince Volodymyr, Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Taras Shevchenko.

Mrs Babbage: There are many museums in Great Britain. Due to them we can learn more about the history of our country. Are there any museums in Kyiv?

Agent: Yes, there are. The most popular museums to visit in Kyiv are: the State Historical Museum, the Shevchenko State Museum, the Museum of Ukrainian Applied Arts.

Mrs Babbage: Thank you. Oh, I nearly forgot – I am going to visit some of the theatres with my friends tomorrow evening. What would you recommend?


Agent: If you are a theatre-goer you can visit the Shevchenko Opera and Ballet House, the Ivan Franko Drama Theatre or the Lesia Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre.

Mrs Babbage: You’ve been very kind.

Agent: My pleasure.

6 a) Read the leaflet and find out the most popular tours for foreigners in Ukraine. Think and discuss:


Suggest some other activities.


B) Choose one of the tours above. Convince1 your partner to join you.

1to convince – переконувати


1 a) Copy the postcard choosing one of the variants and say how Billy’s trip to Egypt was.


B) Read the postcard again and answer the questions.

– How do we start a postcard?

– How do we finish it?

– What do we write about? Arrange1 your ideas:

– what it’s like

– where we are

– how we like it there

1to arrange – організувати

2 Make a poster with the pictures from your photo album.



1 Put in ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’ or nothing (0).

1 … Atlantic is… ocean.

2 … New York is… city.

3 … longest street in the town is called… Kingsway.

4 … Mica is… street in… Zagreb.

5 … Rome is… biggest city in… Italy.

6 … Thames is… river in… Great Britain.

7 … USA is one of… richest countries in the world.

8 … Republic of Croatia became… independent country in 1992.

9 … Volvos are… Swedish cars.

10 … Pippy Longstocking is… name of… famous book for children.

2 a) Complete the dialogue with the Present Perfect Tense of the verbs in brackets.

Bob is visiting London. Ann is asking him about the visit.

A: Have you been (be) to a football match since you arrived?

B: No, I……. I never go to football matches. I hate football.

A: … you… (send) any postcards yet?

B: Yes, I….

A: … you… (see) the British Museum yet?

B: No, I… .

A: … you… (eat) in any good restaurants?

В: I… (eat) out twice.

A: … you… (visit) Madame Tussaud’s?

B: No, I…. I visited it last year when I was in London.

A: … you… (have) time to go to our beautiful parks?

B: Yes, I… (be) to three parks!

A: … your mother… (phone) you?

B: No, she… .

A: ………. (enjoy) your visit so far?

B: Yes. I… (do) so many interesting things!

B) Use the information in (a)

To write sentences using Present Perfect.

1 Bob / never… 5 He / this time…

2 He / already… 6 He / already…

3 He/yet… 7 His mother / yet…

4 He/twice… 8 He/so far…

3 a) Read and fill in the letter with missing words from the box.

Arrived, fantastic, voyage, took, journey, caught, travelling, pictures, comfortable, passengers

Hello, Ann!

I’ve been on a wonderful…(1). I travelled to Odesa and then had a…(2) by ship. I travelled with my mum and dad. It was a very nice journey. I had a…(3) seat next to the window. We…(4) to Odesa at midnight. We were tired and we missed the last bus.

So we…(5) a taxi and went to a hotel. In the morning we…(6) a bus to the port. Our ship left at 10 a. m. Odesa is a big city and port. I think there is nothing better than…(7) by ship. I liked the sea and the wind, I liked the friendly faces of the…(8), and the food, and the music. The weather was…(9). I took some…(10) of different places. See you soon.

Best wishes,



B) Imagine you are Mary. Tell the class about your journey to Odesa and your voyage by sea.

4 Complete the e-mails with the words from the box.


1а skyscraper – хмарочос

5 Write out the names of the sights below into two columns with the titles: The UK and Ukraine.

Buckingham Palace

Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Trafalgar Square

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Sophia Cathedral

The Golden Gates

Tower Bridge

Hyde Park

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

Windsor Castle

Building with Chimeras

Mykolaivska Square

National Gallery

The Museum of National History

Mariinsky Palace

The Tower of London


6 Role-play in pairs. Choose a city.

Pupil A, you are the Tour Information Officer.

Pupil B, you’ve just come to the city. You want some information about tours or places of interest.

7 a) Give the answers to the questions.

A: Have you ever been to a foreign country? What country have you been to?


A: Where and with whom were you there?


A: How did you get there? Was it difficult to buy tickets?


A: How long did it take you to get there?


A: Did you take a lot of suitcases and bags with you?

B: …

A: Did you find a cheap or an expensive hotel?


B) Act out the dialogue in pairs.

8 Role-play on the following situations. Work in pairs.

A) Imagine your classmate has to get to London very quickly, but he/she is afraid of going by plane. He/she has never travelled by plane. Persuade him/her to fly by plane. Explain why you think it is the best means of transport.

B) Your friend has just come from London. He has been there for the first time. Ask him about his journey.

9 a) Make up the questions for a quiz.

B) Do the quiz in class.


1 Which / high / waterfall / world?

A) Angel Falls (Venezuela)

B) Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

C) Niagara Falls (USA/Canada)

Example: Which is the highest waterfall in the world?

2 Which / large / continent / world?

A) America b) Africa c) Asia

3 Which / far / planet / from the sun?

A) Neptune b) Pluto c) Uranus

4 Which / deep / ocean / world?

A) Indian b) Atlantic c) Pacific

5 Where / the Eiffel Tower?

A) in London b) in Paris c) in New York

6 Where / the Statue of Liberty?

A) in Washington b) in New York c) in London

7 How many / continents?

A) five b) four c) six

8 What / the capital of Italy?

A) Madrid b) Cairo c) Rome

10 Speak on the following items.

1 When do you usually travel?

2 Where do you go?

3 Do you collect information about the places you’d like to visit?

4 Do you think it’s useful or not?

5 When do you start preparing for your trip?

6 Do you like to take photos of different places?

7 Do you think that travelling teaches you a lot of new things?

8 What is the point in travelling?

9 What places would you like to visit?

10 What do you like better: to travel alone or in a group? Why?

11 Do you know anything about the travellers of the past?

11 Write a paragraph about what travelling is. Use the tables below.



12 Work in a group. Make a poster about Ukraine.


1 Find out some interesting information on our country.

2 Cut out some pictures from magazines.

3 Write what tourists can see in Ukraine.

4 Present your poster in class.


Reading four fun!

1 Name the countries where people speak English as their first language.

2 a) Read and check.

People speak English all around the world. It is the first language in many countries: the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, in Canada….

Over 400 million people use English as their first language. But that’s not all.

There are also more than 700 million people who speak English as a foreign language.

And, of course, you are among them.

B) Answer the questions:

– How many people in the world can speak English?

– Who can speak English in your family?

3 Read the following websites about some English speaking countries.

The United Kingdom is in Europe. It includes four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Big cities: Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast, Liverpool. Capital: London.

The flag is called the Union Jack. Popular sports: soccer and cricket. Children wear uniforms at school. People in England drink a lot of tea.

They drink tea with milk.

The money is called the British pound (£).



The United States of America is on the continent called North America. There are 50 states in the USA: Alaska, Texas, California, Florida, Alabama, Ohio, etc. There are six time zones. For example, when it is 12 o’clock in Los Angeles, it is 3 o’clock in New York. In the USA you pay with American dollars ($.). Large cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Las Vegas. Capital: Washington DC. Popular sports: American football, baseball, basketball.


Australia is a country, but it is also a continent. People also call it Down Under. A person from Australia is called an Australian or an Aussie. The weather is warm. When it is winter in Europe, it is summer in Australia.

Capital: Саnbеrrа.

Big cities: Sydney, Melbourne.

Animals that live only in Australia: kangaroos, koalas, dingoes. Popular sports: rugby, cricket.

4 Say if the statements true or false.

1 The capital of the USA is New York.

2 Koalas live in Australia.

3 A popular sport in the USA is rugby.

4 In the UK you pay with pounds.

5 Sydney is in the UK.

6 An Aussie is a person from the USA.

7 The UK includes 5 countries.

8 There are stars on the Australian flag.

9 Philadelphia is in the UK.

10 People also call Australia “Down Under”.

5 Read again and complete the sentences.

1 When it is summer in Europe, it is winter in… .

2 The… is in Europe.

3 There are 50 … in the USA.

4 The Union Jack is the British… .

5 In the USA you pay with American….

6 Canberra is the… of Australia.

7 In America there are… time zones.

8 Australia is a country, but it is also a… .

9 Cricket is a popular… in the United Kingdom.

10 In the UK children wear… at school.

6 Choose one country and say at least 3 things you remember about it.


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