Lesson 55

Lesson 55

1. Complete the sentences with may or can.

1. Ann… arrive later.

2. She… be seventy, but she still likes to dance.

3. … you show me where it is?

4. We have a simple choice. We… wait here for a bus or we… start walking.

5. Peppers… be green, yellow or red.

2. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1. Are there skyscrapers or multistorey buildings in your town/village?

2. Do you live in a cottage or a multistorey building? Can you make a choice where to live?

3. How many storeys does the place where you live have?

4. Is there a parking place in your neighbourhood?

5. Is the air polluted in the place you live?

3. Tell about the place your classmate live. Use his/her answers to the questions in exercise 2.

4. Work in pairs. Read the dialogue, fill in the blanks, and act it

out with your classmate.

A: What town/village do you live in?

В: I live in…

A: Is it large?

B: Yes, it is./No, it isn’t. About… million/thousand people live there.

A: What places of interest are there in your town?

B: There is/are…, …, … and many others.

A: Are there any attractions?

B: Sure. There is/are…, …, … .

A: Do you like your town/village?

B: Yes, very much. It’s a nice place to live.

5. Compare and contrast the two pictures. Use phrases given below.

1. In… whereas in… .

2. … in comparison to… .

3. >

4. Both… and… .

Lesson 55

6. Make some notes about your own city/village. Use the ideas below and add more ideas of your own. Present your notes to class.

I live in the capital city/а small town/а large port…

Most tourists who come like to see…

Personally, I would recommend visiting…

All over the city there are a lot of very traditional…

The most modern area of the city is…

They have plans to…

7. Write an article about your street/village/town for a newspaper. The outline below will help you.

1. Name, location, population.

2. Attractions, places of interest.

3. Shopping.

4. Level of pollution.

5. Traffic system

6. Invite people to visit it.

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Lesson 55 - Англійська мова