Holidays and Traditions

Lesson 5 Holidays and Traditions

1. Answer the questions.

1. What winter holidays do you know?

2. How do the English people celebrate Christmas?

3. What do the people usually do at Christmas?

4. When does the Queen have a speech on television?

5. How do the English people celebrate the New Year?

6. What holiday do the English people celebrate on the 14th of February?

7. What do they do on this holiday?

8. Why don’t they sign the Valentine cards?

2. a) Listen and read the text. Answer the questions.


New Year’s Eve is the time for merriment. At midnight bells ring, and friends exchange kisses. Everyone stays up late to celebrate the arrival of another year.

One of the noisiest and most crowded New Year celebrations takes place in New York City at Times Square. Thousands of New Yorkers gather there.

With the arrival of the

New Year many Americans try to start a new life and give up bad habits. People talk about how they will “turn over a new leaf” in their lives. They make New Year resolutions, promise themselves and their families to improve their behaviour. The New Year arrival is a very serious and happy occasion for most Americans.

Holidays and Traditions

1. What do the Americans celebrate on the New Year s Eve?

2. Where does the noisiest and most crowded New Year celebration in the USA take place?

3. When do the bells ring and friends exchange kisses?

4. What do many Americans talk about with the arrival of the New Year?

5. What do they make?

6. What do the Americans promise themselves and their families?

7. Is the New Year’s arrival a very serious and happy occasion for most Americans?

Types of Questions

My mother went to the USA last winter.

1. General – Did my mother go to the USA last winter?

2. Special – Whose mother went to the USA last winter? Who went to the USA last winter?(Питання до підмета

або слів, що стосуються підмета, не потребує допоміжних дієслів).

When did ту mother до to the USA?

Where did my mother go last winter?

What did my mother do last winter?

3. >

Did my mother go to the USA last or this winter?

4. Disjunctive or tag question – My mother went to the USA last winter, didn’t she?

B) Define the type of the questions given after the text.

3. Read the words of the song in English and in Ukrainian, learn them and try to sing together with your teacher.

Silent night, holy night,

All is calm, all is bright.

Round yon virgin Mother and Child

Holy infant so tender and mild,

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace

Свята ніч, тиха ніч

Ясність б’є від зірниць,

Дитинонька Пресвята,

Така ясна, мов зоря,

Спочиває в тихім сні.

Спочиває в тихім сні.

4. Make up as many sentences as you can using the table given below.

The English people

The Ukrainian people




Don’t celebrate



Mother’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day the New Year Halloween April Fool’s Day St. Valentine’s Day Father’s Day

On the 24th of December.

On the 31st of December.

In April.

In early May.

In June.

On the 17thof March.

On the 1sl of April.

On the 31st of October.

On the 14th of February.

5. Look at the pictures and say what holidays the people are celebrating. Use the model to help you.

Model: The green hat means that the people are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Holidays and Traditions

6. Answer the questions.

1. When do the Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What do they wear on that day?

2. Do your family celebrate Mother’s Day? What do you usually do for your mother on that day?

3. What jokes and tricks do you like to play on your friends on April Fool’s Day?

4. What jokes did your friends play on you last year on April Fool’s Day?

5. What do the English people usually do in summer?

6. What summer holidays have the English people got?

7. What holiday have the English people got in June?

8. What holiday do the English children like to celebrate in autumn? Why do they like it?

9. What do the children do on Halloween?

7. Tell about English holidays.

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Holidays and Traditions - Англійська мова