Learn to talk about your flat/house

Unit 3 The Place I Live In
3.3 Learn to talk about your flat/house

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Dining room



– a two-room flat

– flower pots

– to receive guests

– to differ from

Far from it.

By the way, …

1. Look and say how two flats differ.

Learn to talk about your flat/house

Kate’s flat Bob’s flat

E x a m p l e: There are four rooms in Bob’s flat, but there are three rooms in Kate’s flat.

2. Lister and repeat. Say what floor you live on.

– Do you live in a three-room flat?

– Yes, I do. It’s cosy and comfortable at that.

– Is your flat on the ground floor?

– Sure.

Will you open the door?

/ӕ/ flat, at, that

/ɔ/ floor, door

3. Look, match and say what you usually do at these places.

Learn to talk about your flat/house

A fireplace; a sitting room;

A cottage; a dining room.

E x a mp l e: I like to go to our summer cottage with my parents.

4. Think and say:

– what kind of a flat you live in;

– what the biggest room of your flat is;

– what you usually do in this room.

E x a m p l e: I live in a three-room flat. A sitting room is the biggest in our flat. We usually gather together in this room.

5. Listen and role-play.


Bob: I say, Oksana, I have got a letter from home. There is a photo of our flat in England. Do you want to look at it?

Oksana: I’d love to. Does my flat differ from yours?

Bob: I think it does. Look! There are some rooms and a kitchen on the ground floor, and there are some rooms upstairs.

Oksana: Is your room upstairs or downstairs?

Bob: All bedrooms are upstairs in English

houses. There is a dining room and a kitchen downstairs. We like to gather in the dining room to talk or watch TV. Is the dining room also the biggest room in your flat?

Oksana: Far from it. A sitting room is the biggest room.

We receive our guests there and celebrate family holidays.

Bob: Look! And this is our sitting room. It is smaller than the dining room, but there is a fireplace. It makes the sitting room cosy.

Oksana: We’ve got a fireplace in our summer cottage.

I like to sit near the fireplace and dream. By the way, we can go to our summer cottage next Sunday together. I bet it will remind you of your English house and the fireplace.

Bob: That’s a good idea. There’s no place like home, you know.


– Does our flat Differ from yours?

– I think it does. There are Some rooms upstairs and Some rooms downstairs in our flat.

6. Let’s play a grammar comparison game. Use the pictures (p. 62-63).

Learn to talk about your flat/house

Big small two-storeyed many-storeyed

Learn to talk about your flat/house

Long short cosy comfortable

E x a m p l e: This house differs from the cottage. The house is big and the cottage is small.

7. Make up six sentences on the table.

There are







In the dining room.


On the fireplace.


In the sitting room.


On the wall.

E x a m p l e: There are some rooms upstairs.

8. Talk with your friend about your flat. Use:

Learn to talk about your flat/house

E x a m p l e: I live in a three-room flat. The sitting room is the biggest in our flat. It is cosy and comfortable… .

9. Read and say what the girl thinks about her house.


Hi, my name is Darynka. I live in a village, in a typical Ukrainian khata, as you see. It’s a small house with a lot of beautiful flowers and fruit trees around. You can see a bench under an apple tree. It’s my favourite place in summer. I like sitting and reading there when it is very hot.

Let’s go inside the house. There is a hall, a kitchen and three rooms there. In the sitting room there is a corner of honour*. On the walls you can see the icons with embroidered towels and flowers. There are also many flower pots on the windows. They make our khata look cosy. You can also see hand-made carpets on the floor. My granny has made them and my granddad has made that big wooden table, the one near the window.

I am proud of my grandparents and our Ukrainian khata. It is my sweet home and I feel comfortable there.

Learn to talk about your flat/house

* a corner of honour – почесне місце.

10. True or False?

1. Darynka lives in a many-storeyed building.

2. There are many flowers and trees around the house.

3. The girl likes to sit on the bench near an apple tree.

4. There is a corner of honour in her bedroom.

5. Darynka is proud of her grandparents.

11. Act as Darynka and describe your flat. Use:

A typical Ukrainian khata;

A corner of honour;

Embroidered towels and flowers;

Hand-made carpets; flower pots.

Learn to talk about your flat/house

12. Tell your friends about your house/flat. Use:

Personally, I live… . It is… . There is… in my flat. … is the biggest room. … in this room. You can see… and… . I’m proud… . I feel comfortable… .

13. Write a letter to your e-pal about the house/flat you live in. Begin with:

Dear… ,

You sent me a photo of your house. I like it a lot. Now I am writing to you about my flat… .

I’m also sending you a photo.

Yours, … .

Do it Yourself! Draw (take a photo) of your flat/house and describe it.

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