Ready, Set, Go!

Unit Four: Travelling

4.2. Ready, Set, Go!

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box






Shooting booth




To be popular with smb

To take part in something

At lunchtime

To get in the way

To criticize somebody

It’s never!

Tell you what!

I. Conversation Warm-up.

Look and say which of these things you usually take with you on a trip. Why?

Ready, Set, Go!

Example: I usually take a camera with me because I like to take pictures of my friends.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up.

Read and practise the sounds /Λ/ and /әv/. Say if you are as much fond of travelling as the author.




a friend to know me;

All I ask is the heaven above

And the road below me.

R. L. Stevenson

II. Grammar Smart.

1. Look and recall.

Use… that’s why… when you want to explain what you do for some reason.

Example: I am such a stay-at-home, that’s why I don’t travel too often.

A) Play a grammar reason game.

Example: A: I love travelling.

B: That’s why you have lots of impressions.

B) In groups, say what kind of travel you prefer for these reasons:

– you are a nature lover; – you are a sports person;

– you are a good swimmer; – you are good at taking pictures.

– you are fond of history;

2. Read and remember!

1) Use names with no article:

– continents:

North America;

– counties:


– states:




– streets:

Fifth Avenue;

– parks:


2) Use names with the:

– some countries:

The USA;

– rivers:

The Mississippi;

– seas:

The Mediterranean Sea;

– oceans:

The Atlantic Ocean;

– mountain groups:

The Rocky Mountains;

– island groups:

The British Isles;

– hotels:

The Ritz.

1) Play a grammar quiz game.

Example: A: California.

В: It’s a state. The Danube.

С: It’s a river…

1) Look at the map of Ukraine and say:

1. What waterways you can see;

2. What towns you have been to;

3. Where you would like to go.

Ready, Set, Go!

II. Word Smart

Lucy’s teacher of English, Miss Joy, had a weekend trip in an amusement park in the USA last month. Now she answers our questions about where American children can go on holiday.

1. Study these words and describe:

A) Where they can go;

Ready, Set, Go!

Disneyland – великий парк з різними атракціонами поблизу міста Лос-Анджелес у штаті Каліфорнія.

Ready, Set, Go!

Disney World – великий парк поблизу міста Орландо у штаті Флорида, подібний до Діснейленду.

Example: American children can go to Disneyland on holiday.

B) What they can see:

Ready, Set, Go!

Welcome to Mickey Mouse Show

Ready, Set, Go!

Let’s go for a ride with Donald Duck!

Ready, Set, Go!

How about visiting Adventure land and seeing the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Example: They can see the Mickey Mouse Show. c) What they can do:

Ready, Set, Go!

Example: They can go on a Ferris wheel.

2. Complete Miss Joy’s story:

American children often spend their weekends in…. are the most

Popular with children. In… they can see… , … . Besides, they can take part in… or… . Many children prefer… because… . There are also… ,that’s why… . At lunch time parents and children… . … all day long.

It’s fun to get together.

3. Work in groups and make a list of attractions in the pictures (p. 106). Say which of them appeal to you most.

Example: Museums are full of history. That’s why I often visit them.

At home: Ask 3-5 questions about what your friends can do on holiday. Begin with:






Ready, Set, Go!

Go to Ex. 57, 58 of your Workbook

V. Time to Listen and Read.

1. Listen to / read the story about the funfair and answer the following questions.

1. What happened in town one Saturday morning?

2. What attractions were there?

3. Where did Val’s friends go?


“It’s here!” cried George across the yard one fine Saturday morning.

“It’s never!” shouted Val back. “Well, George, let’s go over there at once. When did it come?”

“Probably last night. There wasn’t anything yesterday.”

For days the boys were waiting for the funfair that came every year to their town.

The great long wagons and the lorries that carried the roller-coaster, roundabout, merry-go-rounds and other attractions stood in a circle on the fair ground. All the boys from the nearest street were there. They were watching, running about, criticizing everybody and everything and getting in the way.

By the evening the whole place was full of noise and light. In every corner you could hear loud music, children’s happy voices.

The boys tried to choose the best way of spending their money. They could buy delicious hot dogs or candies. But it cost a lot of money to ride on the roundabout, and even more to shoot with a real gun at the shooting booths.

Ally met Brian on Friday evening, and to her surprise he said, “Are you going to the fair?”

“Is it here?” asked Ally.

“They’re putting it up.”

Ally’s brother, Val, went to the fair every evening. He loved the fair and looked forward to it all the year round. He was full of excitement.

“Tell you what”, said Val to his friends. “Let’s all have a ride on the horses and we could try to change places while they were going round, see? That would be smashing.”

Everything on the roundabout sparkled and shone and the boys forgot about everybody and everything…

Adapted from “Magnolia Building” by Elizabeth Stucley

Ready, Set, Go!

Across Culture: the USA

Ready, Set, Go!

A hot dog – сендвіч із сосискою чи ковбасою; зазвичай містить овочі та соус (кетчуп або гірчиця).

2. Say what is not true in these sentences.

1. The circus came to town.

2. The children heard the news on Monday morning.

3. In the evening the place was quiet.

4. The children came there to buy hot dogs.

5. All the attractions were free of charge.

6. Val didn’t go to the fair.

3. Say to what exciting events you look forward all the year round.

VI. Time to Communicate.

1. Act as Ally / Val and describe your impressions of the funfair.

Ready, Set, Go!

To be full of noise and light;

To buy something;

To cost a lot of money;

To hear children’s happy voices;

To choose the best way.

Ready, Set, Go!

To look forward to something;

To be full of excitement;

To have a ride on something;

To change places;

To forget about everybody.

2. In pairs, talk about going somewhere together as in the pattern below.


A: Have you heard about….

B: It’s never! Are you going to… ?

A: I’m full of…

B: Me, too. I look forward to… .

A: Let’s… .

B: We could… .

A: That would be smashing…

B: Come on, then!

4. Look and say where the children in the pictures want to go together. What do you prefer?

Ready, Set, Go!

VIII. Time to Write.

Write about your impressions of going somewhere for fun in your diary. Begin with:

Dear Diary,

For days I was waiting for…

When the time came, …

The whole place was full of…

In every corner you could hear…

I tried to choose the best way of…

Everything looked…

And I forgot about…

Go to Ex. 59, 60 of your Workbook

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