Where Are the Monsters?

Lesson 8.2 Where Are the Monsters?

1. Look at the pictures and say where the monsters are.

The blue monster is sitting on the bench.

Where Are the Monsters?

2. Do you know these words? Describe the monsters with these words.

The grey monster is serious.













3. Think of one monster, keep it a secret. Answer the questions.

Where Are the Monsters?

4. Make up sentences using these words.

There / blue / monster / on

There / red and pink / monsters / in

There / green / monster / behind

There / grey and white / monsters / over

There / red and pink / monsters / in

There / ten / monsters / on

5. Read the story and compare your sentences in Task 4.

Different monsters like different places on the playground. The blue monster likes sitting on the bench. The brown one likes sliding down. The green monster likes playing behind the fountain. The red and pink monsters like making sand houses in the sandbox. The grey and white monsters like swinging very high. The yellow monster likes playing ball and the orange one likes reading in the shade.

(After Stephanie Calmenson)

6. Read the story and answer the questions.

1. How many monsters are there on the swings?

2. Where are the pink and red monsters?

3. How many monsters are there on the slide?

4. Which monsters are on the swings?

5. Where is the orange monster?

6. Which monster is on the bench?

7. Where is the black monster?

7. Where can the black monster be? Toss the dice and make up a sentence.

Where Are the Monsters?

Where Are the Monsters?

1. run

2. drink water

3. make a house

4. hide

5. have fun

6. jump

8. Make up correct sentences in Exercise 4.

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