Lessons 2

Unit 4 Appearance

Lesson 2

1. Listen, point and repeat.

Lessons 2

Long fair hair short dark hair short red hair

Lessons 2

Tall and thin slim short and plump

2. Complete and say.

Ann has got long fair hair. Roman is tall and..

Dan has got……………………….. Kim is… .

Tom has got……………………….. Jack is… .

3. Read.

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m not tall. My face is round. I have got short fair hair and grey eyes.

This is my friend Tom. He is tall and slim. He has got short fair hair. His eyes are brown. He has got freckles* on his nose.

3. Answer the questions.

1. Is Dan tall?

2. Has he got short dark hair?

3. Is Tom tall or short?

4. What colour are Tom’s eyes?

5. Has Tom got freckles on his nose?

4. Choose and say.

Example:/ am tall / not tall / short.

1. I am thin / slim / plump.

2. I have got a round / an oval face.

3. I have got short / long hair.

4. My hair is fair / dark / red.

5. My eyes are blue / green / brown / grey.

6. My cheeks and lips are rosy / red.

5. Write about yourself. Use the words from Exercise 4.

Lessons 2

*freckles – веснянки, ластовиння

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Lessons 2 - Англійська мова