Final Quiz

Lesson 13.4 Final Quiz

1. Say what you did yesterday using these words.

Yesterday I came home after school and had a rest.


Put on




Get scared




2. Read the names of the characters and write them correctly.









Sohp asssitant

Say 2 sentences about each of these characters. Use the words from Task 1.

3. Find 10 words in this chain.

Final Quiz


Fill in the gaps with words from Task 3.

Mother Monster is the biggest in her family.

1. The reporter took pictures of… fruit and vegetables in Miss Mouse’s garden.

2. Ghost Fred did not find the treasure… than George.

3. A mouse was the… animal in the pet shop.

4. The yellow monster was… than the red one.

5. The kids in school were… than Willie; they said “I am sorry”.

6. The shop assistant was the… skeleton in the story.

7. The zookeeper was a very… person, because he liked animals and fed them.

Final Quiz

5. Look at the pictures and find 8 differences

Final Quiz

6. Fill in the gaps.

My favourite character is Grandma from the story about a forecasting machine. Grandma (have) … got a machine that can (tell) … the weather. Now Grandma (make) … the machine better, but it (not tell) … the right weather.

When Daisy came, Grandma told her to put on winter clothes in hot weather.

Grandma said, “You are going to make a snowman”, but it (not snow) … that day. It was a very hot day. When Grandma told Daisy about a tornado, Daisy (look) … through the window. There was no tornado, but Grandma (help) … everyone to hide from the tiger. When the police (take away) … the tiger, people (sit) … in their houses. Grandma saved everyone. That’s why I like her.

7. Answer as many questions as you can in one minute.

Who swapped their pets all the time?

Where did Willie want to draw with a marker?

Where were all 10 monsters when their mom came back? What did Benedict want to find?

Why did Miss Mouse call her friend?

What did Daisy’s grandma have?

What did Dad hit when he was diving?

Who ate carrots in the zoo?

What did the family give Dad for Christmas?

8. Listen to the sentences and say who said them.

– We are fed up with the dog!

– The skeletons said, “We are fed up with the dog!”

9. Put the words in the right order.

Final Quiz

Baby Bear saw the ship when his dad was looking to the left.

Final Quiz

Which sentences are true? Make the false sentences true.

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