Learn to describe your hobby

UNIT 2 Free Time and Sports
2.2 Learn to describe your hobby

Word Box

To knit

To embroider



Phrase Box

– bird watching

– to make a model

– to collect stamps/stickers

– animal feeding

Communication Box

Personally, … .

That’s cool!

What about… ?

How clever of you!

Look and say what hobbies different children have.

E x a m p l e: A lot of girls like knitting.

Listen and repeat. Say what you like to do with your friend.


Elizabeth, Barbara, Nelly and Bess,

They all went together to watch birds in the nests.

They found birds’ nests with nestlings in.

They fed them with bread and left some within.

/е/ Bess, went, together, nest, nestlings

/w/ went, with, will


match and say what the children’s hobbies are (p. 35).

E x a m p l e: The girl likes to knit.

To embroider

To make a dress

To go bird watching

To make a model

To knit

To collect stickers

Listen and role-play.


Bess: Hey, Nelly, what’s your hobby?

Nelly: Personally, I adore bird watching and I like to feed nestlings. They are so funny!

Bess: That’s cool!

Nelly: Yes, it is. And what about your hobby?

Bess: I enjoy knitting and embroidering. Look, Nelly, I’ve embroidered this kerchief myself!

Nelly: It is so beautiful! How clever of you! Are you interested in sewing?

Bess: Sure. Sometimes I make dresses for my dolls.

Nelly: That’s my other hobby, too. I can show you my doll’s new dress.

Bess: Great!

Talk with a friend about your hobbies. Use:

On your Own: Draw a picture of what you can do yourself and describe it in 3-5 sentences.

E x a m p l e: I am interested in making models. I can make models of planes and ships. This is my favourite


Look and guess what pet each girl (Elizabeth, Barbara, Nelly and Bess) has got.

E x a m p l e: I think Elizabeth has got…

Read and say what the girls showed at school.


Elizabeth, Barbara, Nelly and Bess are good friends. They like animals and birds. Each girl has got a pet in her house. Elizabeth has got a cat, Barbara has got a dog, Nelly has got a hamster and Bess has got a parrot.

But their favourite hobby is bird watching. Every spring the girls go to the forest to watch birds and feed young nestlings.

Besides, Elizabeth collects photos of different birds. She has got the biggest collection in her class. Barbara is interested in drawing and she draws pictures of the most beautiful birds in her album. Nelly and Bess enjoy embroidering pictures of birds. The friends showed their works at school. Their classmates liked them a lot.

True or False? Elizabeth has got a parrot in the house. Barbara has got a dog. The girls go to the forest every summer. All the girls collect pictures of birds. Their classmates enjoy their works. Talk with friends about your hobby. Say: What hobby you have got; How much time you give to your hobby; What you can do well; Why you like your hobby; Who else in your class has such a hobby. Write about your hobby in your diary. Begin with:

Dear Diary,

I want to tell you about my hobby. I am interested in… . I like… . I can… .Sometimes I enjoy… . My friends say…. I have got…. I think….

Do it Yourself! Make a colourful picture of your hobbies for your diary.

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