Lesson 33

Lesson 33

1. Match each picture with the activity.

Lesson 33

Lesson 33 Lesson 33

Lesson 33 Lesson 33

A) skiing

B) taking photographs

C) hiking

D) visiting museums

E) playing computer games

F) going to the circus

G) windsurfing

H) travelling

I) knitting

J) embroidery

K) going to discos

2. Say what you think of the activities from exercise 1. Use the words from the box.

Fantastic, lovely, amazing, boring, awful, terrible, painful

Model: I think windsurfing is amazing. But I don’t like it because I am afraid of water.

3. Work in small groups. Ask which leisure time activity is the most/ least popular with the students in your small group. Report

it to your class.

4. Ask your teacher:

1. if he/she played computer games, when he/she was ten; 2. if he/she played tennis last spring; 3. when he/she last went to the cinema; 4. if his/her friend skied last winter; 5. if his/her friend stayed at home yesterday; 6. how long it took him/her friend to get to his/her job yesterday; 7. how often he/she went to discos when he/she was seventeen; 8. what his/her parents did to keep him/ her he>

5. Report about your teacher.

6. Turn the sentences into the Future Simple.

1. I live in a very beautiful cottage. 2. Yesterday we went to bed late because it was our father’s birthday. 3. Kate slides down a slide. 4. She goes home by minibus. 5. Ann climbed the mountain. 6. I often look out of the kitchen window. 7. She had a polka dot dress. 8. There were no skyscrapers in Ukraine. 9. I am a pupil of the 8th form. 10. There are multistorey buildings in my town.

7. Write 12 sentences about your hobbies or interests in different seasons. Tell your class about that.

Lesson 33

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Lesson 33 - Англійська мова