Lesson 38

Lesson 38

1. a) Work in pairs. Ask and answer what your classmate can/could do and what he/she cannot do, at what he/she is good, or bad. Sum up the answers of your classmate.

Model: My classmate can skate… ,… but he/she cannot ski. Long ago my classmate could… . He/she is good at…, …, but he/she is bad at… .

B) Tell about your classmate.

2. Role-play the telephone conversation.

Alice: Hello.

Fred: Hello. May I speak to Jane, please?

Alice: Just a minute… Jane, it’s for you.

Jane: Hello.

Fred: Hi, Jane. This is Fred. Would you like to go to the cinema tonight?

Jane: Thanks. I’d love to. I haven’t been to the cinema for a long time.

Fred: Good. I’ll pick you up around three thirty, then. The film starts at five.

Jane: Fine, I’ll be ready.

3. Name indoor and outdoor activities you know.


Work in pairs. Discuss the points listed below.

1. ways you entertain yourself in your free time

2. ways young people relax

3. sports for pleasure

5. Read and compare.

Every day (Present Simple)

Yesterday (Past Simple)

I am a pupil.

You are a teacher.

Peter is ill.

We are hungry.

They are busy.

Am I a pupil?

Are you a teacher?

Is Peter ill?

Are we hungry?

Are they busy?

I was a pupil.

You were a teacher.

Peter was ill.

We were hungry.

They were busy.

Was I a pupil?

Were you a teacher?

Was Peter ill?

Were we hungry?

Were they busy?

6. Make up and write down in your exercise book 6 questions with the verb to be: three in the Present Simple and three in the Past Simple.

Would expresses past repeated actions and routine.

Used to expresses past states or habits.

Model:Grandma would always make me porridge for

breakfast (also: used to make). When I was young I used to live in Lviv (Not: would).

7. Work in groups. Discuss the changes in your lives over the years. Talk about:

1. hobbies 4. personality 7. daily routine

2. sports 5. food 8. favourite books

3. clothes 6. likes/dislikes

Use used to.

Model: – What were your hobbies and what are they now?

– 5 years ago I used to play football but I don’t play it any more. I’d rather play the guitar.

8. Look at the pictures and tell your class about the changes in the boy’s life.

Lesson 38

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