Lesson 73

Lesson 73

1. Make up and act out mini-dialogues on four of the pictures.

Lesson 73

Model: A: How do you like this English lesson?

B: It’s amazing!

It’s fantastic!

It’s exciting!

It’s boring!

It’s tiring!

It’s interesting!

It’s awesome!

Use: How do you find…? What do you think of…? What about…?

2. Say who is wearing or not wearing the following to school. Make up true sentences.

A sweater with a pattern

A flowered skirt

A plain suit

High-heeled shoes

A polka dot blouse

A striped shirt

Plain trousers

A plain T-shirt

A checked shirt

A plain jacket


plain coat

Plain jeans

Model: I am wearing a checked shirt and plain trousers. I’m not wearing skirts to school.

3. Say whether you do that. Make up true sentences.

Model: Sometimes I miss Geography.

1. miss classes

2. do home assignment

3. take part in after school activities

4. get bad/good marks

5. prepare presentations

6. make reports

7. help other pupils with studies 8 behave well/badly

9. travel together with your classmates

10. celebrate holidays together with your classmates

4. Prepare and then present a report about your activity at school.

5. Complete the text in the Past Simple. Use the verbs from the box.

Talk, work, arrive, continue, finish, listen, play, start

I remember my first day at school in 20… . I at 8.30 and… lessons at 9.00. We… from 9.00 to 12.00. The teachers… to us a lot. Then we… football for an hour. In the afternoon we… the lessons and… to the teacher carefully. Then at 3.30 the lessons… . It was a long and tiring day!

6. Tell about your first day at school. Use exercise 5 as an example.

Lesson 73

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Lesson 73 - Англійська мова