Lesson 29


Lesson 29

Lesson 29

1. Look at the pictures and remember the words.

Lesson 29

2. Name the odd word out in each line.

1. fishing, sewing, hiking, term

2. entertainment, shame, hobby, leisure

3. stylish, aerobics, gardening, knitting

4. embroidery, collecting, incident, sewing

5. education, hiking, gardening, fishing

6. to be fond of, to enjoy, to like, forehead

7. coin, lable, generous, stamp

3. Look at the pictures. Match the pictures to the sentences.

Lesson 29 Lesson 29

1. The woman takes photos.

2. The man is fond of fishing.

3. The girls do aerobics.

4. The boy enjoys hiking.

5. The grandmother knits.

4. Say how often you do the activities listed below. Use every day/week, twice

a week, once a month/year, three times a year/a day/a month.

Model: I paint twice a month.

1. paint

4. sunbathe

7. hike

2. watch TV

5. knit

8. go to the theatre/cinema

3. cook

6. take photos

9. go shopping

5. Look at the example questions, then write one more for each group.

1. Sports and hobbies.

So what do you do in your free time? Are you interested in sport? Do you collect anything?___________

2. Cultural interests and holidays.

What sort of music/films do you like? Do you read books about history?

Where do you go for your holidays?____________________________________________

6. Use the questions in exercise 5 to find out about your classmates. Report the information to class.

Lesson 29

7. Read and correct.

Model: – You worked in the garden.

– No, I didn’t. I did my lessons.

1. It rained last week.

2. You lived in England last year.

3. You took part in the sports competitions two days ago.

4. We began the school year on the tenth of October.

5. You had four lessons on Wednesday.

6. You came home from school late on Sunday.

8. Find on the Internet if there are any fashion shows/picture exhibitions somewhere in the world. Prepare a brief report about it.

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Lesson 29 - Англійська мова