Lesson 72

Lesson 72

1. Look at the picture and describe what is going on there.

Lesson 72

2. Look at the picture again and say what you think had happened before that moment.

3. Work in pairs. Make up the conversations for these situations.

Pupil A

Pupil A

Pupil A

You are not ready for Geography lesson.

Invite В to your birthday party.

Tell В you like Computer Studies.

Pupil В

Pupil В

Pupil В

You are a teacher. Be polite.

Refuse politely and give a reason.

You can’t hear what A is saying. Ask him/ her to repeat.

4. Say how often and at which lessons you:

1) do research on the Internet;


play indoor/outdoor sports;

3) exhibited artwork;

4) learn to use different software;

5) practise musical instruments;

6) do experiments;

7) watch documentaries about various countries;

8) study Ukrainian grammar;

9) learn poems by heart;

10) subtract, divide, add and multiply.

5. Read, compare and guess what subjects are described, and fill in the chart.

1. Ukrainian pupils create computer programmes, work on-line, edit document files, type and print. Sometimes they play computer games.

In the USA students study how to programme, type, edit and use the Internet.

Lesson 72

2. Ukrainian pupils make up and role-play dialogues, render dialogues in English, translate sentences from Ukrainian into English, study new words, play language games, make up stories and learn to explain quotations in their own words.

American students study how to write sentences, descriptions, letters, enjoy poetry and short stories, and how to use dictionary.

3. Ukrainian pupils study the plant life and make experiments with plants. American students study the plant life, landscape architecture, water use and conservation.

Lesson 72


Ukraine (activities)

The USA (activities)




6. Tell what you do at the lessons in these subjects (exercise 5).

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Lesson 72 - Англійська мова