Lesson 52

Lesson 52

1. Look at the pictures and fill in the missing words.

Go, finish, be, have


Lesson 52

1. Nick usually… 5 p. m. Yesterday he… work at 12.00 p. m. Tomorrow he will… work at 5 p. m. 2. He usually… home by minibus. Yesterday he… home by taxi. Tomorrow he will… home by minibus.

2. Say what you:

Usually do/wear; yesterday did/wore; tomorrow will do/will wear

3. Turn the sentences into the Past Simple.

1. Where is your uncle? – He is in the kitchen.

2. What is he doing? – He is reading a newspaper.

3. How many spoons of sugar do you take for your tea?

4. She collects coins.

5. She will take photos.

6. I am painting.

7. They are dancing.

8. I cannot read a newspaper lying on the sofa.

9. They are not couch

potatoes. They love hiking and travelling.

10. We often knit and embroider at our labour training lessons.

4. Fill in the gaps with have or has. Write down the sentences in your exercise book.

1. She… closed the door.

2. I… answered the question.

3. It… rained a lot.

4. We… cleaned the room.

5. He… opened the window.

6. Tom and Mary… visited their friend.

7. My mother and I… watered the flowers.

8. Jenny and Tom… helped in the garden.

5. Turn the sentences into the Present Perfect.

1. She works as a nurse.

2. She wrote three letters.

3. The Browns are visiting us.

4. He passed his exams.

5. I phoned him three times.

6. We cleaned the room.

7. He brushed his teeth.

8. My class went to London.

9. I spent my holidays in France.

10. I read an interesting book.

11. They hepled their grandparents in the garden.

12. Tom and Jack played football in the yard.

6. Fill in the chart in your exercise book.

Lesson 52


7. Write German/French equivalents to English words and word combinations. Make up three sentences with them.

Major river, mountain, capital, south, west, east, north, country.

8. Choose the correct item.

1. … lie off the north-west coast of continental Europe.

A) The British Isles b) Ukraine c) Hungary

2. … is the capital of Great Britain.

A) Cardiff b) London c) Oxford

3. Snowdon is the highest mountain in….

A) Scotland b) England c) Wales

4. The Lough Neagh is a….

A) river b) mountain c) lake

5. Ukraine is washed by… seas.

A) three b) two c) four

6. Hoverla is… metres high.

A) 1,042 b) 3,051 c) 2,061

7. The… is the major river in Ukraine.

A) Dnister b) Bug c) Dnipro

8. The highest point of the Crimean Mountains is….

A) Hoverla b) Roman-Kosh c) Ben Nevis

9. Compare and contrast the geography of Great Britain and Ukraine. Use phrases given below.

1. … whereas….

2. … in comparison to….

3. >

4. Both… and… .

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Lesson 52 - Англійська мова