Lesson 42

Lesson 42

1. Look at the map and write the weather forecast for one of the towns for tomorrow.

Lesson 42

2. Choose the words you will use to talk about the weather.

Lake, splendid, fog, degree, argue, continent, rainfalls, storm, stretch, torrential rain, nephew, falls, expect, hail, niece, overwhelm, gusty winds, volcanic, husband, temper, violent, injure, viewpoint, subtropical, exchange.

3. Work in pairs. Make up a short dialogue with the words from exercise 2. Role-play it with your classmate.

4. Compare and contrast the weather in winter in the west and south of Ukraine. Use the phrases given below.

1. In… whereas in… .

2. … in comparison to… .

3. >

4. Both… and… .

Щоб показати, що дія щойно відбулася, вживаємо теперішній доконаний час (The

Present Perfect Tense).

Present Perfect утворюємо за допомогою have або has і III форми дієслова

Has вживається з третьою особою однини.

Правильні дієслова утворюють III форму за допомогою закінчення – ed.

Неправильні дієслова мають особливу форму, яку потрібно запам’ятати.


I (you, we, they) have just the window. –

Я щойно відчинив(ла) вікно.

Не (she, it) has just the window. –

Він (вона) щойно відчинив(ла) вікно

5. Read the sentences. Pay attention to the translation of the Present Perfect.

1. The plane has just landed.

2. I have made a phone call.

3. They have taken a minibus.

4. She has seen him this week

1. Літак щойно приземлився.

2. Я зателефонував(ла) (щойно).

3. Вони їхали маршрутним


4. Вона бачила його цього тижня

6. Write the following sentences in the Present Perfect.

1. They will spend a lot of money on the tour.

2. I am trying on a new pair of jeans.

3. She visits Poland every year.

4. He saw a lot of amusing films.

7. Read two weather reports. Talk with your classmate about the damage after storm.

Model: – Have you heard what happened in Southampton?

– Oh, it’s terrible! Hundreds of roofs were damaged!

This is David Smeeton in Southampton. In the southern region it’s been a day of assessing the damage to hundreds of roofs, many of them torn completely off, while some homes are partially collapsed. Overnight scores of people were looked after in emergency centres.

And finally this is Andrew Roberts with a look at how the storms have affected the capital. Two people were killed as winds of 94 miles an hour – the highest ever recorded – gusted across London. In Croydon a motorist died when his car was crushed by a falling tree.

8. Find on the Internet if there was a storm somewhere in the world. Tell about the damage after it.

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Lesson 42 - Англійська мова