Lesson 56

Lesson 56

1. Read the notes and say where it is better to live: in town or in a village. Give your reasons.


Noise, traffic jams, easy to find a job, good public transport system, many schools/hospitals, unfriendly people, stressful, high pollution levels, skyscrapers, fresh air


Relaxing, monotonous, poor public transport, poor entertainment, friendly people, picturesque, few schools, no variety of jobs, little financial cost

2. Compare and contrast the two pictures. What do they have in common? Use phrases given below.

1. In… whereas in… .__ 3. >

2. … in comparison to… . 4. Both… and… .

Lesson 56

3. Discuss in small groups.

1. What you enjoy about living where you do.

2. What kinds of entertainment there are in your area.

3. In what

ways you would improve the area where you live.

4. Which place you would prefer to live in. Give your reasons.

4. Write 6 sentences about advantages and disadvantages of living in town and in a village.

Advantages of living in town

Disadvantages of living in town

5. More and more young people are leaving their villages for cities. Write the reasons why they leave villages. What should be done to encourage them to stay? Write 10-16 sentences.

Lesson 56



1. Match each English word and word combination with its Ukrainian equivalent.

1. capital


2. north


3. west

C) столиця

4. south

D) карта

5. east

E) північ

6. coast



7. country

G) захід

8. mountain

H) схід

9. lake

І) південь

10. map

J) узбережжя

2. Choose the correct item.

1. I am not hungry. I… already… .

A) have… eaten b) has… eaten c) had… eaten

2. I was not hungry. I… already… .

A) have… eaten b) has… eaten c) had… eaten

3. Do you want to see that program? It… just… .

A) have… started b) has… started c) had… started

4. We were late. The party… already… .

A) have… started b) has… started c) had… started

3. Write five sentences about your native town Village.


1. Make up and write down the sentences with the words and word combinations given below.

Walk two blocks and…, straight, crossroads, post-office, tell, get to, turn

2. Choose the correct item.

1. You can have this newspaper. I… reading it.

A) have finished b) has finished c) had finished

2. By the time she got to school, her lesson… already… .

A) have… begun b) has… begun c) had… begun

3. They are angree because… for too long.

A) have waited b) has waited c) had waited

4. We didn’t go on an excursion to France. We already… there

A) have… been b) has… been c) had… been

5. He lived in Kyiv. Before that he… in Odesa.

A) have lived b) has lived c) had lived

3. Compare and contrast the life in your native town/village nowadays and three yeas ago.


1. Give English equivalents to each Ukrainian word.

1. населення

2. рівень забруднення

3. вуличний рух

4. розташування

5. прилади

6. географічна назва

7. старовинний

8. пішоходи

9. дорога, шлях

10. визначні місця

2. Complete the sentences with the Past Perfect or Past Simple.

1. When I left my school, I… (realise) that I… (forget) my English textbook.

2. She was happy because she… (take) the 1st place in the competition.

3. He… (buy) the car by the time I got there.

4. I… (not listen) to the joke because I… (hear) it before.

5. When he… (arrive) at the station, his train already… (leave).

3. Compare and contrast the life in the Ukrainian village and that in Germany or France.


1. At home rank these tourist attractions. Make a tourist map of “top ten” attractions.

2. In the classroom prepare the questionnaire.

Sample Questionnaire

1. Excuse me. Look at the map, please. What do you most want to see?

2. What do you intend seeing/doing/visiting?

3. Where will you go first?

4. Have you been to… ?

3. Organize working groups (of two or four pupils) for the real-life street interviews.

4. In pairs interview as many people in the street as possible. One person talks and another records, then change roles. You may also ask the interviewee’s age, profession, place of living.

Tourist attraction

Number of people



Place of living




5. Present the results of your interviews in class. Place your street map on the wall or on the blackboard.

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Lesson 56 - Англійська мова