Lesson 64

Lesson 64

1. Group the sentences according to these categories.

1. talking about permission

A) the present or future b) the past

2. request

A) informal b) formal c) polite

1. You can entertain friends.

2. May I have some fast food?

3. Could you take some photos for me?

4. I could always eat out.

5. Can you show me your new cardigan, please?

6. They could always socialize.

7. We can videotape the appearances.

8. She could decorate churches.

2. Read the rhyme and learn it.

– Can I go out and play in the park?

– Sorry, no! It’s far too dark!

– Can I go out and play some tricks?

– Sorry, no! You are only six!

– Can I play, too? Can I stay up late?

– Can I? Please, can I?

– Can I have some popcorn on a plate?

– Can I? Please, can I?

Can I come and play “Treat or trick?”

– Sorry, no? It’s far too late!

3. Listen, read and remember the words.



Святкування/відзначення (роковин)









Льотчик, авіатор






Вінок, гірлянда

4. Read about the Remembrance Day in Great Britain.


Remembrance Day is observed throughout Britain in commemoration of the million or more British soldiers, sailors and airmen who lost their lives during the two World Wars. On that

day special services are held in the churches and wreaths are laid at war memorials throughout the country and at London’s Cenotaph, where a great number of people gather to observe the two-minute silence and to perform the annual Remembrance Day ceremony.

On that day artificial poppies, a symbol of mourning, are traditionally sold in the streets everywhere, and people wear them in their button-holes. The money collected is used to help the man who had been crippled during the war and their dependants.

5. Look at the pictures and tell about the Remembrance Day in Great Britain.

Lesson 64

6. Do you commemorate those who lost their lives during the wars? How? Write down 7-10 sentences.

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Lesson 64 - Англійська мова