It Is Late!

Lesson 10. 4 It Is Late!

1. Think of one room. Say what Fred had there. Let your partner guess it.

It Is Late!







2. Match the sentences to the pictures.

It Is Late!

Oh, I’m late! I must go home.

Take an umbrella!

You’ve found it!

Take one coin home.

3 . Read and say where the treasure was.

In the hall there was a clock, and

George said, “Oh,

I’m late!

I must go home.”

“Take an umbrella,” said Fred. “There is one in that wardrobe there.”

So George took the umbrella and opened it.

And the treasure poured out of it!


it!” said Fred. “You’ve found it!”

George counted out the treasure.

Fred said, “Tak one coin home”. He kept it in his pocket as his secret.

(After Nathaniel Benchley)

4. Which room is better/worse?

I think that kitchen В is better because there is…

It Is Late!


It Is Late!

5. Match the sentences to the pictures.

A. George is counting the coins.

B. George has counted the coins.

C. George is looking at the treasure.

D. George has taken one coin.

E. George is looking for an umbrella.

F. George has found the treasure.

It Is Late!

6. Say a sentence. Let your partner say “true “or “false

– Fred has found the treasure.

– No. George has found the treasure.

… has found…

… has seen…

… has forgotten…

… has counted

… has taken…

… has given…

7. Listen to the facts and add the missing words.

It Is Late!

8. Write 7 sentences about the story: 6 true and 1 false. Use these words:

Got lost, met a ghost, looked for, opened, found, counted, took.

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